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    Plastic potato gathering baskets

    Hi am looking for some plastic gathering potato baskets anyone know if any about
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    Grimme dl 1700

    Does anyone know where there is a good clean one for sale with picking table and wheel drive mine own is starting to get tired
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    Kuhn fb2135 or mcchale f5500

    Hi there what are the problem bits with each baler looking at a 2011 kuhn and a 2012 McHale both with around 25000 bales on them my use is hay haylage and straw occasionally silage many thanks
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    Vredestein tyres

    Looking at replacing back tyres on a tractor have priced all makes am mainly on spud work which needs a good gripping cleaning tyre what are vredestein like for loose soil work
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    Mf 7618 or 7718

    Hi there is there anything to look out for problem wise what are users views on them thinking of changing to either maybe
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    Stokesley tractors

    Has anyone had any dealings with them.
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    Front linkage for a mf 5470

    My friend is looking for a front linkage for a tier2 5470 any ideas or does anyone know of any about
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    Mf error code t 125

    Have changed all range switches no difference is flashing 2nd gear light sometimes it will drive dynashift will sometimes go up and down is it the range solenoid s any ideas many thanks
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    Mf 6480

    Was fitting 2 new batteries this morning and got distracted by phone forgot to turn on isolated key jumped into cab and started tractor no problem switched key off and suddenly remembered about isolated key turned it on and now tractor wont start checked and changed revalant fuses swapped over...
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    Tong brush bristles

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to a supplier of replacement bristles many thanks
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    Massey 6480 error code

    Hi there got the Bosch pump and I injectors done up mechanic fitted back on tractor all going well but after a few days has thrown up error code 1077 and these four lights on dash a know that error code is for injector pump but what is the for lights for she is going like a bullet train to can...
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    Tong bagger weigher 825

    Can anyone point me in the write direction to get 2 new belts for it a narrow and wide 1 priced tong itself not cheap got another quote from another company a bit less not much less but the carriage is crazy many thanks
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    Temperature /diesel guage not working

    Hi There Mr 6480 t3 Perkins temperature diesel guage sitting at the bottom r there both connected somehow earth problem???? any pointers greatly appreciated
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    Drum speed guage or dial not working

    Hi there have joined the dark side and bought a claas medion combine the drum speed dial is not reading any ideas thanks for your help
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    my 6480 rocker lift lower switch

    hi there does anyone know can you get the lift lower rocker switch anywhere else other than my dealers have 3 6480s do a lot of linkage work and go through a few to many switches for my liking the last 1 cost me £92 on Friday though the one b4 was dear enough at £78
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    MF 6480

    Hi there have fitted 2 new draft sensor pins on my tier3 6480 and a new new control box the one with the 3 knobs and atc switch but it still can throw whàt ever machine on the3 point linkage about like a rag doll any ideas many thanks
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    claas mega combine

    hi there have just acquired a nice clean claas mega combine any problem points I should be looking out for to sort before harvest many thanks
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    Massey Ferguson combine

    hi there any advice on a Massey Ferguson 32 /34 combine any problem points to look for have seen a couple of very nice ones
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    mf 7256 combine

    anyone have one any problems what are they like to run
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    Hi.Hi there my neighbour has a tier 2 6480 closed centre hydraulics when you go to operate the linkage with the switch in the console or rocker switch everything work ok but if you use the switch to release the hitch or any of the mudguard buttons you have hold them for nearly 10 seconds before...