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  1. Devon James

    Wide spacing cereal crops... pictures please

    Sundance wheat planted on the 25th September. We sprayed the osr off two days later once wind had died down. Quite stressful couple of days[emoji23] It was grazed with lambs in Feb. Doesn't want much more weather on it
  2. Devon James

    Osr no podstick and no roundup

    Does it have pod shatter resistance in the breeding Will?
  3. Devon James

    State of your crops?

    Some crops on a farm we work on. Winter wheat after osr and spring beans. Pleased with the beans as they had that dry spell soon after planting.
  4. Devon James

    State of your crops?

    Maize with a new establishment method. The couple of days of heat has moved it on
  5. Devon James

    GS4...any good as feed ?

    We silage for ourselves and others GS4. First cut is more grass than clover, then second cut the clover is there more. Good high protein silage. Sold spare to dairy cows last year. If you want to bale perhaps see if you can leave out the chicory as that can be a bit stemmy if cutting is delayed...
  6. Devon James

    14-16t Grain trailer

    The one that catches my eye in the FW is the Krampe at Bocassion
  7. Devon James

    Best tractor you owned

    Massey Ferguson 6290. End of thread [emoji23]
  8. Devon James

    Direct/Strip-till drilling photo gallery

    It will be interesting to see how it goes with that row width, almost like a twin row crop.
  9. Devon James

    DD, FYM and mob grazing

    How good is your spreader at giving an even spread and pulling the muck to pieces and not leaving lumps? In the second scenario, it would be a good move to plant the cover crop as soon as the wholecrop is off if conditions are suitable
  10. Devon James

    Harvest date prediction?

    Made a start 2018 [emoji2] Barley is holding on this year. Winter linseed will be ready just after
  11. Devon James

    Groundswell. Where is the press coverage?

    I thought I recognised a TV presenter attending.
  12. Devon James

    Groundswell 2021

    They would still get out!
  13. Devon James

    State of your crops?

    That's a lot of plants in that row in your first maize pic!
  14. Devon James

    Groundswell 2021

    My take home message from the event. "We must try to enjoy our farming". John Pawsey. A very positive event, thankyou.
  15. Devon James

    Groundswell 2021

    A pint will be needed
  16. Devon James

    Groundswell 2021

    The trip up is going well. We were talking too much @Poorbuthappy (call him Satnav) missed the big blue sign saying M4. We are working are way back down the M1 [emoji23]. Hopefully we wil find Stevenage
  17. Devon James

    Winter linseed

    We will grow Attila again
  18. Devon James

    State of your crops?

    Westminster barley sown 5th March hasn't stopped. Plan to double crop with maize if can get it off soon [emoji1]
  19. Devon James

    grazing winter wheat

    This was sown 1st October. Yes I would say so, expect it could be grazed twice. We were waiting for the weather to improve but it didn't really till Feb
  20. Devon James

    Direct/Strip-till drilling photo gallery

    Looks great. Any fungicide so far? What will you go with for T2?