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    Grammar seat air bag

    Can you replace the airbag in the seat with it institchu or do you need to take it out of the tractor and where the best place to get one?
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    Mf error code

    Can anyone throw any light on this what may be causing it
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    Auto guide 3000

    Does anyone know what error code 15 means thanks
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    Can anyone tell me how to calibrate the transmission on a Dyna 6? Thanks
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    Mobile sheep dipping

    Looking for mobile sheep deeper to do my sheep based in Herefordshir e. Any one know of anyone?
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    Post emergence potato spray

    Struggling to get on the ground its so wet to put on my pre-emergent potato spray wondering what people when using a post emergence
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    Add blue storage

    Got farm inspection coming up does AdBlue in IBC need to be stored in bunded area?
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    Ford 8240

    Got the chance of a 8240 turbo to go on a tub mixer part time any thing to look out for?
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    Oil drum pump

    can anybody recommend me a good oil drum pump I have a rotary one at the moment that spray oil ever where. I had different pumps in the past I just looking for a good quality one
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    SIM card

    Can you use any SIM card in an auto steer set up and what kind of data would use up?
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    Auto guide 3000

    Wondered if anyone had a rtk up grade module for sale?
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    Taurus 650/65 42

    Just seen these on farming forum marketplace advertised wondered if anybody has bought any and how are they getting on with them?
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    New JCB

    New India made jcb
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    Deutz and John Deere

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    Saw this on Facebook

    Could be of interest to someone
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    Engine breathing

    Got a class 816 and the engine breathes a lot. It's a JD engine done 7000 hours but doesn't use oil is his normal ? Or should I be concerned?
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    Look what landed in my field

    Wondered what all noise was about
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    Tractor auto steer

    Thinking of fitting autosteer on my tractor help out with potato bouting and drilling what would be the best system to retrofit on my tractor any suggestions . And what sort of cost
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    J D 840 sprayer

    Got the chance of one for sale .How do they fit on other tractors. This one has a ball hitch above the pto. Will it fit on the pick up hitch? And will the controls fit in the cab alright like in a massey