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  1. Villagefarmer

    Brix Results

    Hello I’ve started this year brix testing and I’m trying to analyse my results I took yesterday. I sampled first thing in the morning (7.30 am) . As understand a result above 12 is good I was getting results between 10-20 depending on the variety mainly the results were 16-20 is this...
  2. Villagefarmer

    Humic Acid Granules and DAP

    Has anyone used Humic Acid granules with DAP when applying DAP as a starter fertilsier. Any thoughts
  3. Villagefarmer

    Leaaf Tissue Sampling

    Hi I'm keen to take more leaf tissue samples of my crops this spring ( wheat. S Barley and s oats) not sure when I should start?
  4. Villagefarmer

    Surface Trash and pre ems

    Hi All, Sorry if this has been covered before. I've planted wheat into spring oat stubble and there is alot of surface trash even after the Mzuri has been through it. Whats peoples views on pre ems? The field is reasonable clean with some BG and a view wild oats here and there. Talking with...
  5. Villagefarmer

    Spring oat storks!

    Hi We grow spring oats for the first time this l was very pleased with the yield I thought perfect 👌. However I’m now having issues With the little storks on the grains. Is this a variety this , incorrect combine settings or just the year? Any help greatly received
  6. Villagefarmer

    Audio Books for this summer

    Hi each summer I try and listern to one or two audio books whilst sat on the combine. Can anyone recommend regenag, no till, soil health related books? Jonathan
  7. Villagefarmer

    Spraying for aphids in spring oats ?

    I’m trying to avoid using aphidcides the best I can but still new to all this approach. What’s people’s thoughts on this ? My agronomist view was while we were going through the crop with a herbicide, growth reg etc we might aswell put an aphidcide on.
  8. Villagefarmer

    Inter row cultivating

    Hi, Appologies if this topic has been covered. Has any had any experience of intro weeding ( mechanical type) if so what are your thoughts. I'm not an organic farmer but now im running a Mzuri i have a wider row in which to work with. Jonathan
  9. Villagefarmer

    Linseed Different Biological Activity

    Hi, Yesterday I had a great chat with guy who farms on the south bank of the humber and he mentioned about linseed. This struck a cord with me as we used to grow linseed and always had a fantastic crop of wheat following it but never knew why and left it at that. He was telling how linseed...
  10. Villagefarmer

    Mag seed dressing price?

    Hi All, I’ve just been quotes by a national seed firm £80/t for mag on spring barley seed . What other people been quoted? Plus what’s your thoughts on applying mag to seed I always have but the cost seems to be creeping up ?
  11. Villagefarmer

    Should I be appling Slurry?

    I've jusrt watched a fasinating video on YouTube by Dr Eliane Ingham ( ) so it got me thinking should be appling pig slurry to my growing crops in the spring could it be doing more harm than good to the soils? any thoughts
  12. Villagefarmer

    Glamping Start Up

    HI We are planning a glamping site as an expansion to our shepherds hut business. The plan is to have 4 bell tents. The tents will be furnished, with beds, lanterns, some furniture rugs etc. As this is a seasonal set up we will need to take down the tents in winter and store them, plus...
  13. Villagefarmer

    Catch crop Advice

    Hi all , First post so be gentle with me. My vinning peas will be harvested in the next ten days and the next crop will not be planted till late September or early October. I need some advice or pointers on catch crops. Is there an independent expert out there I can talk to I'm sure many of...
  14. Villagefarmer

    Starting out

    Hi all after many months of research I've purchased a strip till drill and rake. Feel excited and nervous looking forward to the learning new skills and hopefully not making to many mistakes