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  1. jd6110

    Running bullocks with cows and calves

    As title am splitting bull calves an heifer calves into separate batches as calves coming 6mths plus. To keep stocking numbers similar was wondering on running year an half old bullocks with bull calve group. plan on removing bull an all cows hopefully back n calf. Is there any potential...
  2. jd6110

    16month in calf heifer

    As title getting ready to let cattle out an noticed limo heifer springin and heavy🤔😩 of course she’s not the biggest and def not the quietest. What would ye recommend to feed her wit till she calves were guessin month plus or minus away? Hav some hay left an could leave her on bare paddock but...
  3. jd6110

    Sliding gate

    Goin to slide 20ft gate into yard entrance. Plan to make gate as diagram below wit 50mm box frame with angle welded to box to bolt space board into as quiet windy location. Planning to have it Galv dipped and wondering will galv go in between where angle is tacked to box or will I have rust...
  4. jd6110

    Mf 35 diesel tank leaking

    Filter n bottom of tank blocked so unscrewed tap and cleaned. Put back together and got her fired up but now hav drip from tank. Seams to b coming from threaded plate attached to tank. Put white tape on thread of tap and probably was bit tighter screwing up. Any easy fix?
  5. jd6110

    Timber gate

    Have a yard entrance and want to Make and hang double 12ft gates. Want to block view up yard so intend space boarding into box frame My question is if use 5x1 timber Leavin inch gap between will gate get v heavy During winter of constant rain? Is there a treatment that would leave them less...
  6. jd6110

    Sheep wool uses

    Ok I hav sliding door n to workshop sheeted with cladding on to 40mm box. Goin to silicon bond sheets to box then pop rivet so as harder to remove sheets to gain access. Was thinking of 9mm ply riveted to inside of box an stuff ‘cavity’ between it an sheeting wit sheep’s wool. My thinking is...
  7. jd6110

    Cows down after dosing

    Got dung samples of weanlings tested n November as doubted may have rumen fluke as scoury. Doubts confirmed and advised to treat with levacide diamond. All weanlings treated shortly after housing no problems alls well. Some of cows scoury also so decided to treat same last Thursday after being...
  8. jd6110

    Electric fence earth

    Should there b current going out through earth rod? Checking fence tis eve and seams to b more power in earth rod than N fence??
  9. jd6110

    McConnell swingtrim fingerbar

    Anyone have experience of above machine. Looking for easier way to trim around and under electric fence. Are the fairly robust and strong enough for year regrowth of hedging?? Would a good secondhand be easy sourced? Tia
  10. jd6110

    Lamb ready for slaughter wit maggots

    As above have a lamb going for slaughter on Tuesday biting around tail this morn. Will put him in now and clip wool back and remove them. What can I use on lamb so won't get them back again before Tuesday? Tia.
  11. jd6110

    Planting new green hedge.

    Going puttin a hedge down along side of grassy earth ditch. Just wondering should I spray it off before planting or give it good tight strimmimg ? Tis
  12. jd6110

    Feeding Bulls

    Looking for advice on feeding bull weanlings to slaughter. I have not done this before as generally sell as store cattle. They are March born chx calves average weight 400kg. They are on 2kg of a bought in super beef nut since weaning in September they are housed for 10 days now and are getting...
  13. jd6110

    How long should ewes be dipped before letting ram go?

    As title have ewes which will be letting wit ram in 10 days time. Is it too late to shower them will ram be able to get scent. Tia
  14. jd6110

    Hilux 03 gearbox troubles

    Hi. Have 03 d4d hilux. Had to put gearbox in two months ago as slipping out of first. All well till wk or so ago when firstly noticed constant clicking from glovebox. Then when power down n second and third gear a shudder followed by severe bang n drive line coming from front end. Mechanic had...
  15. jd6110

    Fox or dog or??

    Found n middle of field tis morn wit eaten hip side down? Note ears nibbled? Fox or dog rest of sheep seamed calm. Tia