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    Electric Fencing Gates

    Hi folks, This is becoming an increasingly familiar sight for me and I can’t help but feel there must be a better way to use, store and transport spring gates for electric fencing. I’m relatively new to the electric fencing game but have found it works well to have end posts 5/6m from the...
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    Calcium vs. Mag Lime Based on Soil Test

    Hi folks, I have agreed in principle to the renewal of a 5 year lease on a 100ac block of land, mainly for sheep grazing with 20 suckler cows/calves and one cut of silage in the same field each year. Over the past 5 years I have managed to increase stocking density massively using rotational...
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    Disposable Glove Alternatives

    Hi folks, Just heard back from APS regarding this years lambing order. Fantastic company to deal with btw, highly recommended! However, all disposable gloves are out of stock until further notice, which is understandable given the rapid increase in demand over the past year! We go through...
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    Farmers and Mercantile (Axa) Price Hike and Options

    Just been quoted for insurance renewal this year and the vehicle part of the policy is £850, an increase of 70% on last year. This is due to a change in the insurer from Axa to Amlin as Axa are no longer competitive due to some large claims this year according to F&M. While I understand that...
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    Port Agri Snacker Cover/Modifications

    Hi folks, I know that a few members use a Port Agri snacker as I seen them mentioned when doing my usual TFF research before buying something. My brother ended up giving me one in reasonable nick but without a cover (never look a gift horse in the mouth)! To date I've been using a makeshift...