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  1. MojoEA

    Interesting read

    I think its great to see excess generation being used on site for anything. it wouldn't make much sense to buy the power but if the options are sell back to the grid for 4p - 5p or mine some crypto then i think that's the better choice especially ethereum. In the next few years technology like...
  2. MojoEA

    Evoco, Proven and C&F Headswap’s

    Sadly Gordon Proven died in 2011, but there are plenty of his machines still out with SD Wind being the latest to carry on the design. you likley wont find a huge amount of information as the towers will have been proprietary design but you might want to try checking out the HSE and seeing if...
  3. MojoEA

    Small scale on farm wind 25kw

    If you don't have any other generation, and assuming you have a 3-phase connection, then a single Gaia would fit under the 16A limit. on a typical open 6m/s you should get around 38MWh a year. Eocycle are pretty decent and offer a fixed price package - its a 25kW machine so to compare that would...
  4. MojoEA

    Wind turbine and cold storage

    Hi Nev, What sort of consumption are you looking at? its a bit how longs a piece of string, so for fun lets say you want something that is going to produce 200MWh a year then you should think about that costing around £400k to get it in the ground and running. Im happy to go through some...
  5. MojoEA


    @renewablejohn Thats what i said, its carbon neutral, i.e. it will release the carbon its captured if its burnt or naturally decayed - although natural decay will slow the release and much of the carbon will be transfred to the organisims that are breaking it down even further delaying the...
  6. MojoEA


    Its to do with the CO2 captured by the fuel for biomass, burning it just releases whatever its captured whilst it was growing so while technically you could argue its carbon neutral, it is very much not zero carbon. again with AD, as well as methane it produces CO2 and N2O during production and...
  7. MojoEA

    Line of sight WiFi.

    I have seen Ubiquiti antenna used in marinas and they seem to work fairly well although i have never had to use them.
  8. MojoEA

    Domestic wind turbines

    sorry, your absolutely correct, i should have said that
  9. MojoEA

    Domestic wind turbines

    16mm2 SWA would keep the volt drop under 5%
  10. MojoEA

    Domestic wind turbines

    Do you have a Fit contract on it? Even if it doesn't work there is still value on the site.
  11. MojoEA

    Domestic wind turbines

    For permitted development it would need to be 100m away from any neighbors boundary, I'm happy to do a quick desktop look for you if you want to drop me an email. With some details. [email protected]
  12. MojoEA

    Domestic wind turbines

    building mounted can cause problems, i don't know if you remember quite a few years ago B & Q sold them but they were causing all sorts of cracks. You could look at permitted development, the SD 6kW falls under that on the 9m tower but there are all sorts of rules you need to comply with...
  13. MojoEA

    Buying Second hand Turbines

    It's been a long and stressful road but there are still some of us true believers out there :) There is some method to the madness, owning enough of them and keeping costs low by keeping support in house as well as dealing directly with the manufacturer of turbines or components when needed can...
  14. MojoEA

    Buying Second hand Turbines

    Hi Kill, so long as it has feed in tariff then any turbine model would be considered
  15. MojoEA

    Buying Second hand Turbines

    Hi All, If this isn't allowed please let me know and ill delete the post. I'm doing some work on behalf of a client that is looking to buy existing turbines, I had a look in the classifieds and market place and couldn't see anything so thought i would try here. I'm specifically looking for...
  16. MojoEA

    Cold Store Survey

    Hi All, Mods, please remove if not allowed. The chilled and frozen food sector spends over £3 billion before the food even hits the supermarket shelves on power to keep food cold! I'm doing a bit of work on developing an app to help people better run their cold stores, chilled or frozen and...