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  1. Chasingmytail

    Nice entrance gate on gradient

    Our main 22ft entrance between two pillars is on a rise (say 15 deg). My initial thought was a mechanical cantiliver but the quotes we had two years ago were around £14k and now will prices soaring it would make it unaffordable. I was thinking about a steel clad gate but think I need to lower...
  2. Chasingmytail

    Daily weight gain per day on Easycare

    Hello What you you expect to gain on tradition welsh x wilt lambs. Birth weight 4 - 6kg Flock of 80 ewes. Say half of them produced twins. Average birth date say mid March. Under stocked but average grass not great but regularly moved. Ewes were bolused mid Feb and the lambs vit drench 2...
  3. Chasingmytail

    Number of calves born with front legs tendon issues

    Rather strange this is the 3rd calf with leg issues. Nothing different, same bull, same management, same feed etc. Had to bring in cow and calf last night as a good sized AA calf (extremely heavy) but not big. This one is so keen to suck but its legs are buckled over and knuckles turned...
  4. Chasingmytail

    CTS - register twins?

    I assume you cant enter twins on CTS ? Dont want to enter one calf to find I cant enter another to same dam. Or do I have the joy of phoning?
  5. Chasingmytail

    Cow not taking to second twin.

    Got an experienced cow. I found a lone calf in field with bandy legs and a cow with a single both small. We spent an hour finding out if bandy leg calf came from any other cow and there was no evidence of any other cow so have assumed she abandoned the calf because its weaker. Brought them...
  6. Chasingmytail

    spreading lime - pluming over houses

    Today weve had contractors here spreading lime. The one field is over by the town. The lime is pluming and it is a tad windy so moving towards the homes. One place is kicking off stating its gone all over their property and its dangerous and corrosive. Phoning environmental health to...
  7. Chasingmytail

    BCMS soooo slow

    Missing a passport - no idea what happened I phoned last week (6 working day now) to get the form to fill in to request the replacement. I notice this morning still no emailed form. How long does it take to check my details and forward this form? I need this passport asap. Surely a...
  8. Chasingmytail

    OTM - 30 & 36 m rules

    I cant remember but what are the changes in this with OTMs? Got a cow I want a cow put in the freezer but prefer it to be dry hung for as long as possible. I know this is an issue in itself now as nobody hangs it long enough or has a proper dry hanging fridge. Remind me if this is less cost...
  9. Chasingmytail

    Cheapest form of wholecrop

    Did peas and barley last year, good yield after drought, but worked out considerably expensive (min £55 per bale). Drilled and harvested into bales by contractor. Only 20 acres. Thinking about this year coming now need to think what alternatives - if any makes it more economical - if there is...
  10. Chasingmytail

    RPW messed up requesting a huge amount of return money

    Received a letter that made no sense on overpayment with the same in payment in a fine totaling £20k. My agent confirms its a error with their system of a decimal point going into their system. It should be zero point. Both myself and the agent are messaging them but they are not grasping the...
  11. Chasingmytail

    Can you look at my Sileage & Wholecrop analysis please

    Should be concerned with the DM & ME values? Wrapped sileage and Wholecrop (peas and barley). Nothing but well rotted muck put on. Grass - old lays. Organic WHOLECROP SILEAGE BELOW
  12. Chasingmytail

    Best seed potato suppliers for kitchen garden

    Bought some rubbish last year - just horrible texture Looking for a small amount of Pink firs Charolotte Maris Piper Thanks
  13. Chasingmytail

    how to wear layers for cold weather?

    Both of us are suffering more in the cold weather. Im worse as older the slight chill and Im grumpy when cold Im not sure if underwear is the right decision to go in for merino thermals? The issue is when you come indoors/in the sheds your too hot then or the sun comes out then your flippin...
  14. Chasingmytail

    Why are personal phone contracts a lot cheaper than business

    Im stuck now got 4 phones on 02 business with contracts ending from next summer onwards however, everyone I know seems to be paying a lot cheaper than any business deal I can get. Family are always telling me they are paying £10pm SIM only while Im paying £15 + VAT. Is it better to change all...
  15. Chasingmytail

    Dont get the modern comprehensive system of learning

    There seems to be little discipline Wheres the homework? No books brought home (no reference books nothing?) No projects Sport is rubbish Sloppy poor work submitted Obsession with integration to the detriment of the whole class No system to catch up? What is happening with the massive loss of...
  16. Chasingmytail

    Gloves for cold wet weather?

    The boss has a pair of Gill sailing gloves that are brilliant however they dont work with the cuffs on his jacket. The gloves at the top are too thick if you put the gloves over the wrist the water gets in. Over the years he is like me more sensitive to the cold and with working off farm some...
  17. Chasingmytail

    Nasty hangover feeling in mornings - anyone found cause?

    I hardly drink but makes little difference I get up ok have some breakfast then about hour later I feel an anxiety feeling then feel awful, giddy, nauseous just horrible. Ive had more though bloods taken and waiting for some results but the ones already done are normal. I take no medication Im...
  18. Chasingmytail

    x 4 fat AA grassfed cattle - organic/conventional

    Before I start ringing around if anyone is buying in the SE Wales region I have x4 fat cattle and x1 OTM. Can be old organic (unsure if there is a market at the mo) but happy to go as conventional as there is little premium. AA sired beef stock all grass fed. Havent weighed them recently...
  19. Chasingmytail

    shallow breathing causing anxiety feeling I wonder?

    I have read and done some exercises before. I wonder if a lot of my random feelings are caused by chest breathing especially when slouching and sitting down. We should be stomach breathing deeper. The issue is how to do you keep it you with the retraining? One ussue is when running in the...
  20. Chasingmytail

    Need a basic book for cars like a Haynes just for 'cars'

    The boss and the boys are over hauling some modern cars in the workshop to resell Struggling with terminology and exact parts names. Just need a simple book like a Haynes that will do for all the components of a modern car before I spend my time returning wrong items. Particularity for the...