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  1. cotswoldcs

    Opico 12t gas drier value

    I'm looking at selling our 1980's Opico 12 gas fired PTO drier. It's in good working order, complete with DCM box, having completed harvest last year. We now have a new Masters so looking at selling the Opico. I have someone interested who made me an offer on the phone without even seeing it or...
  2. cotswoldcs

    Weaners wanted

    I'm looking for 4 weaners. Based near Cheltenham GL54 postcode. Can collect.
  3. cotswoldcs

    Wooden bearings forAgrimec flat roll

    We have a Agrimec flat roll which has wooden bearings that need replacing. Apparantly they have gone bust and are quite different to Twose bearings. Any idea where I can get a part? Has anyone made one out of a piece of hardwood ?
  4. cotswoldcs

    Drier grain bins

    Anyone with experience of grain bins for auto batch driers? I was looking at a 3m x 3m x 5.21m bin but whilst this is matched to the drier it's very tall and I'm concerned about loading the bin. I've done my calculations and there isn't much room above between the top of the grain bucket and the...
  5. cotswoldcs

    Bigger grain bucket

    I have an Albutt A075-80GB grain bucket. It has a 2.1 cu m capacity. I have upgraded to a new JCB TM320S which can handle a lot more. Is it realistic to weld plates to the bucket or do I need to upgrade?
  6. cotswoldcs

    Kale/ Turnips alternatives

    I've been growing kale, turnips, hybrid rape here in a rotation for many years now. I've got one field, currently in fodder beet that's got a problem with charlock and I'm concerned that putting it in turnips/kale this spring will result in a mass of charlock. What would you recommend as a...
  7. cotswoldcs

    Grain pusher

    I'm looking into a new grain store and if I do go ahead I'm going to need a grain pusher. Or am I - any other options? I'm looking at 3.6m high concrete panels around the store and will have a pivot steer telehandler with 3.2t capacity and 5.2m lift at my disposal. What size would you recommend...
  8. cotswoldcs

    What size grain store can I build for £100k ?

    Assuming all work done by contractors how far will £100,000 go? Only looking at a flat store for dried grain. I understand the cost of concrete is going to be a big part of the bill. Will be phoning this week getting some quotes but this is all new to me havng never put up a building myself...
  9. cotswoldcs

    Minecraft server for kids

    Our kids want to play Minecraft with each other and friends. Can't seem to be able to figure out how to get them to play on the same world in multiplayer mode. Has anyone installed a paid for Minecraft server using a dedicated hosting site? Currently looking at Apex and Bisect Hosting. All new...
  10. cotswoldcs

    Off-grid electric

    I have been searching without success for a truly off grid renewable solution. We have a remote barn that doesn't have any electric supply and trying to find a solution that doesn't involve bringing mains electric to the property. Budget is around £250k but needs to be a solution that can supply...
  11. cotswoldcs

    Kiwi gate

    A place I worked on many years ago in Hampshire had what they called Kiwi gates which were sections of stock fence with the posts sawn off at ground level and a simple chain and piece of wood to tighten the fence. Basically it was a gate made out of the fence itself! It meant you could have a...
  12. cotswoldcs

    Wood chipper

    I'm looking for a wood chipper for our farm. We have virtually no woodland but plenty of trees dotted around the place and always have plenty of work in the winter. We've always burnt the brash but concerned that this isn't particularly good for the environment (especially if, or so I'm told...
  13. cotswoldcs

    Contracting charges for combine harvesting

    I use the NAAC Contracting prices as a guide to set prices for the contracting work we do. For harvesting there are prices for combining cereals @ £92.96/ha and then it mentions: – Extra for straw chopper on combine £45.33/ha (18.34/acre) This seems way too high! How much extra is sensible...
  14. cotswoldcs

    Urea vs Nitram

    Have usually purchased only blue bags from CF but this year am considering Urea instead of Nitram. Have been quoted £219/t for Urea and £195/t for Nitram (June/July delivery). Nitram is a good price but Urea is so much better value. Looking for opinions on whether I'm right to save some money or...
  15. cotswoldcs

    Anyone use Mag flakes in water troughs?

    We have had some welcome rain today after a prolonged dry spell and as we suffer from Hypermagnesemia in our sheep flock I'm expecting problems any day now. We've been using mag flakes for a couple of seasons now with success but there are no guidelines for how much to add to water. I'm aware...
  16. cotswoldcs

    Mineral feeder ideas

    We start lambing soon and suffer with magnesium problems in ewes if we do not supplement. For many years we have tied an old 25l barrel on a gate with a hole cut out for ewes to access a high mag mineral powder. We top up as required and probably get through 20 x 25Kg bags in a season (1,000...
  17. cotswoldcs

    Fertiliser for cover crops

    Is it too early to apply fertiliser (Nitram) to cover crops? We have 55 acres of vetch and rye cover crops put in after wheat. I intend to graze them off with sheep from mid February onwards. Some will be in until fodder beet or kale is planted at the end of April onwards and one field will be...
  18. cotswoldcs

    Fencing Contractor costs

    I'm looking for a quick idea of how much a fencing contractor would charge to erect a stock fence. Fence is a straight fence with a gate in the middle 200m of stock fence (HT-8-80-22) & two strands of high tensile wire (3.15mm plain HT wire). We do all our own fencing but have been asked to...
  19. cotswoldcs

    Bale grab recommendation please

    I'm looking for a new bale grab for our telehandler. Ideally want to be able to pick up 2 or 3 large square bales. What's good and what to avoid?
  20. cotswoldcs

    Door recommendation please

    We renovated an old stable building some years ago but it's still being used for farm storage. One day it might get converted but for now I need to replace the door with something that's in keeping with it's character but also practical and not too expensive (under £1k for sure). It's obviously...