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  1. dave6470

    Mower conditioner

    is the bar that runs up the inside of spring bent had that on the 338 we have just changed to a newer 4332 good mower but the 338 was better when runing a sward back through mower
  2. dave6470


    Happened today didn't hit anthing Almighty bang and killed the tractor new mower me thinks
  3. dave6470

    MF 5712 not starting at times

    if as you say in post above its cranking over it shouldn't be cluch sensor as you have to depress the cluch when starting for it to turn over may be crank sensor for common rail fuel pump
  4. dave6470

    Double Chop Silage

    yep been lifting today with menglee mower runing field infront of me farmer didn't want it to dry
  5. dave6470

    Covid virus going forward

    it all depends on if the ones getting it are vaccinated or not think its more in the younger population which is likely to not be vaccinated
  6. dave6470

    MF 5712 not starting at times

    I had 5455 like that was the clutch sensor
  7. dave6470

    Young Britons really want socialism (without paying for it)

    Bollox it was the left wing unions that destroyed manufacturing in the uk in the 70s
  8. dave6470

    UK covid cases to top 100,000 a day .

    Her mother played hockey on till she was 40 also ran marithons last in 2019 brother played football and rugby for local teams
  9. dave6470

    UK covid cases to top 100,000 a day .

    Say that to a good friend of mine she lost her 47 year old mother and 23 year old brother both fit and healthy and her dad was in hospital for 5 weeks
  10. dave6470

    The NI/ROI Protocol

    He will have no problem with spuds they can go to any Eu contry or into GB the only problem will be if he wants to bring in seed from Scotland cant bring them into NI
  11. dave6470

    MOT's and Main Dealers

    Least you lot on the Main land can get a MOT over hear in Northern Ireland its become very dificult sence January 2020 a MOTs is done in government run test centers there's only 15 in the hole country first in January they found cracks in 48 out 55 lifts in all the test centers all mot canceled...
  12. dave6470

    EU vaccine role out.

    you may be not vulnerable at the minute to it but the thing with kids and older people not getting the vaccine is there is a large part of the population that covid can infect and mutate in and could become more dangerous to everyone as for the vaccine not be tested they got the same testing as...
  13. dave6470

    Massey Ferguson 390T trailer brakes.

    should be able to put it on them the one i had back in the day had trailer brakes you could just put a normal cupler on and use the spool valve to operate them
  14. dave6470

    one for the MF die hards

    Not a problem I've seen them breaking like that cousin did his when he closed it on a screwdriver im thinking it was a pressure build up inside the cab as it was sitting in direct sunlight all day it seams to have blown outward as nearly all the glass is out side the cab there was very little...
  15. dave6470

    Slatted Tank - Support Pilars

    its safer to put the mixing port outside the building
  16. dave6470

    one for the MF die hards

    nothing in the bottom they just shattered sitting in the yard no one near them
  17. dave6470

    one for the MF die hards

    anyone else have the curved side windows blow out sitting in the yard had one go two weeks ago on a 6715 s the same thing happend last may on a 5612 both tractors hadn't moved in a few days
  18. dave6470

    Front mower conditioner

    ive one and absolutely love it not had a problem other than one sensor on the AdBlue just had it on a dyno putting out 151hp at the shaft
  19. dave6470

    EU sausage war

    no its nothing to do with implementation you can not import seed potatoes from the rest if the uk fullstop its in the agreement thst they csnt be imported and there are pkenty more things that cant be imported