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    You need to agree with the rewilders on reintroducing wolves. I suggest pointing out a location inside a large urban area with a native deer population where a close eye can be kept on the wolves so they don't stray out of the area. And when they have the deer population all eaten, they can...
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    All things Dairy

    I wouldn't either, except the bulk of the benefits seem to stay outside the farm gate? There doesn't seem to be any quid pro quo involved.
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    All things Dairy

    Do you have a plan in place for having grass available for spring? This springs grazing was planned for since last September with the first paddocks closed from around 10th October. The first paddocks grazed here in early February were closed at the end of October, the paddocks being grazed...
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    All things Dairy

    Is that total cover or available cover?
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    All things Dairy

    If you got a few brown cows, you'd have loads of chocolate milk as well;)
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    All things Dairy

    We have to have records for worming the cats as well. I'm not too sure how well a feral tabby would take to having a tablet shoved down their mouth so we have to use a dose that can be given in their milk:rolleyes:
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    More days/mornings off or shorter easier day

    There was a story round here that a young lad went home to go farming with his father and decided he wanted rubber mats in the pit or he wouldn't go milking. So his father told him to bring home one of them so he could have a better look at it. The father was duly impressed and told the son to...
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    All things Dairy

    What madness is this?o_O:p
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    All things Dairy

    All Johnes positive cows here can't be sold on to another herd, not even a fattening herd that only sells directly to factories only. Straight from the farm of origin to factory only. We used pool some colostrum a few years ago so a potential problem down the line from that but we should be able...
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    All things Dairy

    I'm in the pilot programme here in Ireland. 2 positives in the blood test, both had to have a second test, second time a dung test for some reason, again both positive and both gone to the factory the morning following the retest result. We have a bit of work to do organising calving boxes and...
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    Research into cubical cleaners

    The 'Shake N' Vac' cubicle cleaner, we're gonna be millionaires, Rodney:ROFLMAO:
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    Research into cubical cleaners

    Most of my cubicles are older 3 legged cubicles and I would be very interested in a sweeper and lime shaker that could do those for me. I'm getting lazy in my old age:D
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    Be Aware ... PETA advert

    I think when they start using emotive language like that, it really exposed the dearth of substance to their claims and they have to invoke an emotional response to attract support.
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    Milk Price Tracker

    I was fortunate to go to one of those calf finishing farms in Europe a number of years ago and the facilities and management were top class despite them operating on a razor thin margin. I would have zero issues with calves being exported but the major issue with exports is the standard of...
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    Insulin dependent diabetics here?

    I have those as well but wrap them well with clingfilm to keep them dry for longer. The problem then is trying to open them when very low:unsure:
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    Colostrum Defrosting

    I'd give 4l of colostrum by stomach tube to every calf within an hour of birth or as soon as I see them on the ground. The absorption of immunoglobulins reduces hugely after 2 hours so we try to get that in as soon as possible. We went from 3l to 4l this spring as we were still getting some...
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    What's your AFC

    There's definitely something in that. It looks like some form of senescence is in play and regrowth kicks off the seasons growth.
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    Watering sheep in pens

    I've seen guys with 4" sewer pipe, level, along the length of the row of pens with sections cut off the top of the pipe to allow the ewes access to the water. Filled once a day while other jobs being done.
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    All things Dairy

    How do you store it?
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    Polytunnels for sheep

    Have one with a good few years for the lambing ewes, simple and quick tho put up but don't put it near trees, cattle or machinery. The plastic on mine is up 2 years now and it's already got holes in it from I'm assuming birds so I'll only get a few years more out of it. I need a new calf house...