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  1. Zebbedee

    Waste oil disposal

    What are people paying for disposal ? Been quoted £125 for any amount above 400 ltrs. Thought that was dear but we have around 1500 ltrs to move so not terribly much per litre really. What are others doing we are North Scotland thanks
  2. Zebbedee

    Case isobus question

    Hello have a case Pune with 700 pro screen running isobus for lemken drill, screen has section control available but needs a gps feed to control it, so how do I connect to my trimble fmx screen to give gps output feed?
  3. Zebbedee

    Kv press arm

    Looking for a press arm to suit a kv pl100 plough or even brackets etc thanks
  4. Zebbedee

    MCB circuit breaker

    What’s the next size of MCB up from 63amp is it then 100 amp
  5. Zebbedee

    MCB circuit breaker

    What’s the next size of MCB up from 63amp is it then 100 amp
  6. Zebbedee

    Paint for livestock trailer floor

    Looking for recommendations of paint for steel chequer plate floor on a livestock trailer? Shotblast and good primer first but then what ?
  7. Zebbedee

    Robson’s Structures

    Anyone use Robson’s for sheds ? Good or bad or any other recommendations closer to Scotland the better
  8. Zebbedee

    Portal frame steel sizes

    a quick question steel beam at 355x 170 ( not sure of weight at this stage) what width of building would you get at 6 m bays 15degree pitch and steel purlins and sheets about 5.5m high
  9. Zebbedee

    Diesel compressor

    Looking for a big diesel compressor 250 cfm upwards age not important but must be in good running order budget up to 5k for decent machine but really anything considered thanks
  10. Zebbedee


    Anyone care to explain the ins and outs of isobus and how to ensure compatibility ? Case pro 700 screen and Trimble fmx screen available or Trimble gfx screen. Looking to start using isobus but know very little about it as regards what matches what machine I know a Vicon baler will work on the...
  11. Zebbedee

    ISO bus good or bad

    On new machines now is Isobus controls eg using tractor screen the way to go I,m talking primarily drills what’s the pros and cons
  12. Zebbedee

    Claas sieve module

    Looking for a sieve adjustment module for a lexion 580 just on the of chance someone has one on the shelf?
  13. Zebbedee

    Bredal spreader belts

    Bredal lime spreader k 85 with twin belt drive does anyone happen to have the belt size for the border spread system be an a section belt? But what length? @Cab-over Pete @Mounty
  14. Zebbedee

    Claas gps

    Claas gps I know the older systems were poor but have they got any better? Looking at options for a steer ready Claas 650 it has the dome, steering valve etc all ready and I have paid the Trimble unlock on it as well but just wondering if the Claas kit is worth looking at what would be...
  15. Zebbedee

    Sprayer filling pump

    Looking to put an extra pump on sprayer for filling it has a 2” inch hyd centrifugal pump at moment which is a beast but not so good if the tank is on the ground so looking for an extra pump which will lift water better probably hyd driven. A pacer type any good?
  16. Zebbedee

    Güttler rollers

    How good are Güttler rollers? to be used on a power Harrow drill
  17. Zebbedee

    Case auto steer what’s required?

    As title really 2017 steer ready tractor fitted with 700 screen as I understand it needs a receiver on roof so a 372? Or 382? Will it also need a nav controller? Anything else?
  18. Zebbedee

    Heavy discs wanted

    Looking for a decent set of heavy discs mus5 be in good order any width above 3m considered and preferably in Scotland budget is 3-4 thousand delivered for a good set
  19. Zebbedee

    Excavator tilting hitch

    Anyone able to give me a value on a secondhand tilting hitch for a 13 ton machine it’s not a steelwrist hitch just a tilty one or a new price would be helpful as a guide thanks
  20. Zebbedee

    Best chop saw with tct blade

    Any recommendations for the best saw in the running is a makita lc1230 305mm blade at £360 or evolution rage 2 355mm blade at £285 both in stock locally the evolution s355 cps at around £295 online is catching my attention also 355mm blade any horror stories?