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  1. Devon James

    Kverneland Optima HD with e-drive 2

    Any owners or operators of the above drill on the forum? Any top tips for optimum performance? I'm reading the manual like I have to sit an exam on it but can't beat user experiences Thanks
  2. Devon James

    Fodder beet

    Fodder beet available in Devon. We can deliver in 15 tonne loads.
  3. Devon James


    Any coping mechanisms that you have found that helps? Getting annoying. Affecting my energy levels and sleep. Not sure why it's happened!
  4. Devon James

    Gate hanging and posts

    We have a few field gates that we want to put in place. Galvinised gates will be used and some railing will be needed each side. What to use for the gate posts? I don't like the steel round posts that can be bought, or using the motorway crash barriers, ok for in field gates but for me don't...
  5. Devon James

    Maize drill

    Interested in six or eight row disc coulter maize drills. Ability to alter from 75 to 50 an advantage. Most makes considered
  6. Devon James

    Bag lifters

    Looking at bag lifters, predominantly for loading drills with 500kg bags. Unloading fertiliser second use. What make gives the best use of getting the bars through the hoops, doesnt damage the bag hoops (cylindrical bars) and main aim in my mind is allows the bag to rest back against the frame...
  7. Devon James

    Seed pipe

    I would like to sow grass seeds off a set of rollers. Seed would be blown back from a front hopper. The outlet on the hopper is 152mm. I have found an accord distribution head and stack which is 100mm. If I use 152mm pipe all the way from the hopper to the accord stack, and then use all the...
  8. Devon James

    Baler tyre

    Tyre for a Claas Quadrant.
  9. Devon James

    A summer cover with the aim to graze

    Have a small acreage which was pencilled in for spring barley but with for one reason or another would like to grow a crop with the aim to graze in August and early September and set up for a nice crop of wheat. One field has had a mix of beans and linseed and other bits and bobs. I have Mascani...
  10. Devon James

    Kuhn 4001 bale wrapper

    Hi, any user experiences of the Kuhn 4001 wrapper? Do they have any problems on steep ground keeping the bale in the right place? Round and square. Any reliability issues? Thanks
  11. Devon James

    4g suppliers

    Any recommendations for 4g internet suppliers?
  12. Devon James

    Winter bean seed

    2.5 tonnes of winter bean seed please
  13. Devon James

    OSR trash management

    What do you do post osr harvest? We have had to cut lower than normal this year and got a good thick layer of trash on the soil surface. We have had good results in the past by lightly cultivating with a Supermaxx to mix the trash with a covering of soil. Also leveling out heaps of trash so to...
  14. Devon James

    Vaderstad Rexius RS 650 or 850

    With crosskill rollers and front leveling board if anyone spots a machine. Thanks
  15. Devon James

    EfficientN 28

    An ibc or best price on 20 litre cans of the Agro Vital Efficient N 28 product please
  16. Devon James

    Bergmann machinery

    Any of you here run Bergmann kit? What's the build quality etc like?
  17. Devon James

    Pottinger Jumbo 6010

    Built in 2012 or newer. Must be in good condition
  18. Devon James

    Maize drill row widths

    I need to change our Gaspardo Monica 250 from 75cm row spacings to 50cm. Sowing 42,000and 45,000 seeds per acre. Any tips on set up gratefully received. Gearbox settings etc
  19. Devon James

    Asgaard Maize seed

    52 bags of Asgaard . Thanks
  20. Devon James

    Pickup band removal

    Got pick up tines to re new on three machines and I'm expecting the bolts that hold the bands on to be tight. Is the best way to give them some heat with gas to make them give?