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  1. Joe Boy

    Direct drilling into AB15

    Has anyone got any experience of this. I’m thinking of replacing my pea break crop with AB15. I’m wondering how good the AB15 is at suppressing black grass given it can’t be grazed and the management restrictions on mowing it. Also wondering how the wheat would do growing out of the decaying...
  2. Joe Boy

    Sakura pea vs other marrowfat yield

    I've had my Maro peas, (old variety and prone to going flat) massively out yield my Sakura. I've herd reports from two farms locally that only grow Sakura that yield was terrible, about 0.5 tonne/acre and mine were similar yield but my Maro did 1.2/t. Anyone else had a big disappointment...
  3. Joe Boy

    To tough to Mole 5 yr dd field

    This field is quite light but had areas that lay wet all winter due to the surface running together. I thought Mole draining would help the problem but cannot pull my mole in this field. Fields that were direct drilled this Autumn but were subsoiled for rape in Aug 14 are wetter inside at...
  4. Joe Boy

    DD winter barley followed by DD winter barley??

    As title suggests, straw will be removed and composted fym applied. Would be drilled in mid sept with hybrid variety. Is this likely to be successful. Some of the fields would be a third winter cereal. Bg not a problem on these fields. (Yet) but this would enable the best cropping on the...
  5. Joe Boy

    Hand roguing blackgrass.

    If doing this this week do I need to remove the plants from the field, in which case it's a non starter! I have done a bit today in fields with low populations and I can make a reasonable difference but only buy chucking them on the ground as I go. Carrying them out would make it too slow. So...
  6. Joe Boy

    The £ value of fym

    I can buy in cattle fym for £4 tonne delivered to my farm. I then compost it which gets rid of any weed seeds and spread at 12 t/ha which is the equivalent of 20 t/ha of fresh manure. This is costing me just over £100/ha for the muck, composting and spreading. Is that asking too much to...
  7. Joe Boy

    New KRM Sola direct drill

    I tried one of these out for drilling some peas, they are just coming through nicely. They come in at £27k for a 6 meter drill so probably one of the cheapest dd drills available. Bit like a poor mans Aitchison I thought. Anyone else tried or brought one. I'm thinking of getting one for...
  8. Joe Boy

    Liquid fert interval on barley

    What gap should I aim for between fung/ manganese/hallmark on winter barley? Is barley more susceptible to scorch than wheat? There was a frost this morning, how long should I wait to go from frost?
  9. Joe Boy

    Minimum fall on an open ditch

    I have a ditch that needs digging out that has a fall of just 1.4m between the outfall of a land rain and the culvert the water has to through which is 130 M away. So I think this is a fall of just over 1% Is this enough to get it to flow ok?
  10. Joe Boy

    Adding a grass ley to an all arable system

    Im thinking of putting grass down and grazing with cattle, it would be down for three or four years to clean up blackgrass and improve the soil structure to allow direct drilling once back in arable and to improve the soil fertility. The grass would be a mix of ryegrass, timothy, cocksfoot and...
  11. Joe Boy

    What form of N to use?

    Any advice much appreciated!!! I have a right mix of growth stages in my wheat and barley. Some hybrid barley half way up your wellies (almost) and some much further behind. The same applies to my wheat. I don't have any Fert booked yet but I'm keen to sort some out soon so I'm not left...
  12. Joe Boy

    On floor drying help

    I have had fans blowing ambient air through for a couple of weeks, it's coming down but still not dry. Should I turn the fan off as it's now raining or leave it running?
  13. Joe Boy

    Ergot in hybrid barley seed

    Apparently this is quite normal as the open pollination leads the parent crop very susceptible to ergot infection. Why can't syngenta clean it all out. It does not look good when you open a very expensive bag of seed and see a load of ergot sitting on top! What are other hybrid barley growers...
  14. Joe Boy

    Winter Barley growing advice.

    I have swapped my rape area for winter barley as in 3 yrs I've yet to produce a decent crop. I'm determined to make the barley a success and save all that time chasing pigeons and slug pelleting. My seed turned up this morning, Glacier TWG 51, for some heavy clay, Tower (TWG 66) for medium...
  15. Joe Boy

    Should the Turbo Glow Red on my combine?

    I have a CR 9070, new to me this year 2009 reg, on the first day we used it in wheat when it got dark I pulled up beside it to take a load and could see a red glow from the engine bay. It had melted a bit of the engine wiring loom, and the Turbo had cracked internally between two ports were it...
  16. Joe Boy

    Is it best to bale for dd 2nd wheat?

    I have only tried one field of second wheat and it was very sic and slow to grow. Looks ok now but has not tillered nearly as well as the 1st wheats. I would have thought most of its lack of vigour could be overcome by removing the straw, as long as ground conditions are good at the time.
  17. Joe Boy

    Hedge cutting in August.

    What are the likely repercussions/fines of getting caught starting hedge cutting 2 weeks early. Has anyone had any luck getting a derogation to allow earlier cutting. I see there is a natural England form you can fill in to apply for it.
  18. Joe Boy

    Pile of dead earth worms

    Just out spraying and spotted this. It's in a small gap in one row of the crop This is the first chemical application since pre em roundup and butisan. Any ideas what may have caused it?
  19. Joe Boy

    How's this as a 6 yr rotation

    Spring wheat, Peas, borage, sept drilled 1st wheat, second wheat oct drilling, winter barley, then back to spring wheat. My idea is to put the spring crops all together to run down the black grass for three years then go back to 3 years of autumn establishment. I will have 60 ha of each block...
  20. Joe Boy

    Rouging contractors

    Are there any about. I know British Sugar use teams to do beet. Would be good to know if this is something I can buy in for a know cost per ha. I think Atlantis is about 50 quid a ha. Min wage is about to go up to £6.70. That's 7.4 hrs per ha! Most of my black grass is in distinct patches...