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  1. BRBX

    Cattle trailer floor

    The floor on the rolland trailer has lost its gripy bits due to wear and age and is a bit of skating ring now , what have people used as flooring ? think some use a sort of upturned spray suppression mat , thinking it needs to be sturdy and removable for cleaning??
  2. BRBX

    trailer borders to nottingham

    can fit in with you, no hurry?
  3. BRBX

    Rolland livestock trailer

    Any rolland trailers about , lowering one if poss
  4. BRBX

    Cayena radar

    Great to be drilling at last , for some reason the amatron thought it was doing 22k instead of 8k which didn't do a lot for seedrate! Did 100m run and it counted over twice the pulses than before , stored and drilled next field spot on . Any thoughts on what may have occurred ??
  5. BRBX

    Sanderson Headstock

    Anyone breaking a sanderson ??, in need of a headstock , manual latch . Thanks
  6. BRBX

    Amazone cirrus drill

    Just wondering how people get on with these drills and hp requirement for a 6m , pulling 4m freeeflow with 7930 at moment , would it manage it? Like the freeflow but getting a bit long in the tooth now , tried cayena last autumn but needs to be pretty level to start with , nice drill though.