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    Fly repellent for sheep

    We have used Butox Swish cattle pour on on heads of our shearling and stock tups for many years with great success. Especially for the odd few with burst crowns from fighting, seems less savage than using Crovect/Dysect on the head where there is a chance it could drip into their eyes
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    The yellow tool thread.

    What’s your thoughts on the Dewalt steeple gun? I’m also a Makita man but would be very interested in that setup with the adapter!
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    Idiots guide to Milwaukee.....

    Do you have a link or code for this deal? Sounds just what I’m after if it’s the new grinder. Thanks
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    Cordless clipper battery

    All look fairly similar but I can vouch for the Welsh Shearing ones being significantly better than the Razor (and Masterclip/Mudge look similar). We had the Razor for probably 2 years before it stopped working at which point we got the Welsh. The main improvements are that the battery...
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    Yamaha 700 or Honda 500

    Not suggesting he buys a 350, just that having several Yamaha quads in the past without issue gave us confidence to go ahead with the 700 this time. Apologies if that was misleading 👍🏻
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    Calcium vs. Mag Lime Based on Soil Test

    Supplied by Thompsons of Prudhoe
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    Calcium vs. Mag Lime Based on Soil Test

    Finally able to give an update on the lime story. Weeks and months of catchy (mainly wet) weather put a stop to getting it on earlier but patience finally paid off. 7 artics of Prudhoe calcium lime delivered late last week and spread today. Great conditions for it and very relieved to have it...
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    Yamaha 700 or Honda 500

    I was in the same boat last back-end deciding between 450 and 700, both EPS. Quotes worked out £7500 for the 450 or £8000 for 700 SE, so it was a no brainier for me to take the step up. Also spec’d it with 27” Innova Mud Gears all round and after spending the winter towing round bale silage and...
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    2020 Clik and clik extra price

    Priced the two local suppliers as well as MVF as part of an annual order coming to £4.5k. Two were £185 and one was £184.50 so very little variation, almost to the point that they are either making a tiny margin on it or have been told what minimum price to adhere to? Good to know what others...
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    Mig welder advice please.

    Same here. Jasic Mig200 on 0.8mm wire, highly recommended.
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    Another what livestock trailer to buy!

    We’re in a similar boat. Ordered one late March with delivery expected late May. That was an existing order the dealer had made previously though, a fresh order would have been September delivery at the time. There was a crowd down near Newcastle in April advertising a 12 and 14ft in stock but...
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    Idiots guide to Milwaukee.....

    Has anyone managed to buy the combo kit and ‘redeem’ the grinder? I looked over the weekend and the grinder was showing on the Tool Shed website but now only shows the combo kit but no grinder. Can’t see the option to redeem the grinder on Milwaukee website either. It did look too good to be...
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    Calving Pen Division Ideas

    Personally I think you’d struggle to get the frame in red ‘just the right size’ to enable fixing at either end and also be easy to install/remove. Would an alternative idea to be use normal pin-together cattle hurdles for your cross divisions, which should be available at 9ft off the shelf, and...
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    Electric Fencing Gates

    Probably confusing matters with the photo (one of them was over stretched accidentally). The issue is more to do with keeping 3 springs attached to the end posts while in transport/storage and avoiding them getting tangled. Maybe the only way is to remove the springs from the post each time it...
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    Electric Fencing Gates

    Hi folks, This is becoming an increasingly familiar sight for me and I can’t help but feel there must be a better way to use, store and transport spring gates for electric fencing. I’m relatively new to the electric fencing game but have found it works well to have end posts 5/6m from the...
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    Sustainable Agri Capital Grant Scheme (SACGS) advice

    Yes, net of VAT. We claimed on 30th March and payment came through 3 weeks later, Hamilton office. Although the bulk of our claim is for a crush that isn’t due in until end of May.
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    Calcium vs. Mag Lime Based on Soil Test

    Totally correct and a good suggestion. Only problem is the cows are housed elsewhere over winter so limited muck available. I have put on hen pen in the past and we now put some well broken down court dung onto the silage fields only, but they are really needing blackened not just a token...
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    Calcium vs. Mag Lime Based on Soil Test

    I’d prefer to stick to ground lime rather than Limex on this one @Derrick Hughes , my location might be unviable for that in any case. Great to hear your take on it @Cab-over Pete. I’m based in South Lanarkshire and previously have had calcium lime sourced from Tata which is supposed to be very...
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    Calcium vs. Mag Lime Based on Soil Test

    Lots of good advice as always so thanks again. All of it makes complete sense. On the face of it I have a mag test result that is twice as high as it should be and a calcium year result that is half as high as it should be. Based on that alone it should be pretty obvious that calcium lime is...
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    Calcium vs. Mag Lime Based on Soil Test

    Definitely a good way to look at it. I’m definitely aware the 5.3 is not a great place to be and am keen to do something about it as soon as possible now I have a bit of security. With a big rent payment due in June as well as other costs due before any income later in year, I think I’ll have...