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    fodder beet for ewes and lambs

    Hi all. This may be a stupid question but if you don't ask.......! We have a small but expanding lleyn ewe flock. For several years we have bought in fodder beet to feed ad-lib to the ewes 4/5 weeks before lambing to coincide with max lamb growth. We have also grown stubble turnips of...
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    Bracken for bedding

    Hi all. A couple of questions for those who farm common ground on or around brecon. We are on holiday up here and have been walking today around the national park visitor centre. There was a lot of bracken that had been mowed, some was rowed up and some was bailed. It all seemed very dry so was...
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    Concrete floor for new grain store

    Hi All. Putting up a new grain store at the moment and looking at the floor. Option 1. rc 35 with weld mesh over the whole store and entrance apron and columns tied in to floor with v shape rbar. option 2. use rc35 with added fibre and just put sheet of weld mesh by each column and...
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    People who break drills for parts

    Hi All I have used combine breakers for part in the past but don't know if there is anybody out there that does the same with machinery. In my case Horsch C04 drill. If anybody know of anybody who does that info would be gratefully received Cheers
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    New farm yard from scratch.

    Hi All. If you were going to protentional have the opportunity to start a fresh with a new yard How would you start to design it. Mixed arable and livestock farm. Will need to have livestock buildings for cattle of 4 different ages, grain stores, machinery shed, work shop, fert store...
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    door for a NH LM5040

    HI All. Don't ask how it happened but I am how in need of a new complete door and glass etc for my LM5040 loader. I have gone through the NFU claim and all is in hand BUT After talking to local NH dealer in feb about getting the door they came back to me after talking to NH with a date of...
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    lloyds bank dumping small farmer to call center

    Hi all. We have just been informed by my old lloyds agricultural manager that we are being dump by them and we are now going to be handled by some call centre with people that they say are Ag specialist who will have no knowledge of my farm and business except what the computer numbers give...
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    PUH for telehandler

    HI all. We have just swapped out our Matbro TS260 for a second hand NH LM5040 but it has not got a PUH. I was trying to find a breakers (like Manners who do combines) who break telehandlers or deal with fire damaged insurance claims. I want to get a PUH for ours and cant justify the cost of a...