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    Mf dyna 6 range lights flashing

    Is there no error codes coming up on the small screen could be one of the range switchs or solenoids
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    Vicon 235?

    I ran a class 255 never gave any real major issues changed to a Kuhn 2135 same as the vicon baler very good baler they can all give problems touch wood none so far it makes a very good bale as wee all no it helps if the half wit on the seat that makes a difference
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    What combine would you recommend

    Had a mf 27 for years acreage kept going up looked at all colours I bought a claas well pleased would of bought mf again 30 or 32 if could of found one in good condition I looked at an awful lot of pigs for want of a better description my 27 was in better condition my advice is buy on condition...
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    Plastic potato gathering baskets

    Hi am looking for some plastic gathering potato baskets anyone know if any about
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    MF 6400 cab suspension

    Get them bought fitted a set to 1 of my 6400s great job and job finished
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    Mf 6480 starting

    Air inlet manifold it screws in it just above the alternator you will c a single heavy wire and a diesel pipe connected to it
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    Mf 6480 starting

    Check the heater plug is working
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    JD Beacon brain scratcher !

    Check the power wire coming out of the cab isn't corroded or rubbed through where it connects to the pole
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    Massey 6490 error code

    Engine speed sensor
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    dump trailer

    Had the Thompson on demo lovely finished dumper very impressed seriously will consider one when I need to change
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    Grimme dl 1700

    Does anyone know where there is a good clean one for sale with picking table and wheel drive mine own is starting to get tired
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    Massey 6170 turbo kit

    We had a 3085 with a Tb turbo fitted to it it could punch had to get bigger cooling system in it for front topper and grimme variant 1700 in our wet conditions here just sitting u nder the red on temperature but she could work was keeping up with new tm 125s at the time carting silage for a...
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    Mf Combines

    I had a similar problem on my 27 would lift head ok when oil was cold but got worst when got warmer check your linkage for wear under the cab adjusted mine and worked grand ever since if u are using the foot pedals to work the head make sure the linkage in below isn't slightly bent had that in...
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    Mf 7720s oil and warranty

    As said above but the correct oil for it weather it is in a agco barrel or not no of a neighbour who went to local dealer to get back end oil for his 7718 told them it was 70 quid to dear for the barrel but multipurpose in it overheated the backend bill is thousands for parts alone never mind...
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    Kuhn fb2135 or mcchale f5500

    Hi there what are the problem bits with each baler looking at a 2011 kuhn and a 2012 McHale both with around 25000 bales on them my use is hay haylage and straw occasionally silage many thanks
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    Vredestein tyres

    Had continentals never again sidewall issues
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    Vredestein tyres

    No I contractor with vredestein loves them on grass am not so sure for loose soil have bkt and Michelin both grip grand have been offered ceat also used to run vredestein years ago
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    Vredestein tyres

    Looking at replacing back tyres on a tractor have priced all makes am mainly on spud work which needs a good gripping cleaning tyre what are vredestein like for loose soil work
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    Claas mega tank light

    I had a bad earth connection inside my tank light. light corroded up connection
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    Mf 7618 or 7718

    Am looking at 7718 at moment