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  1. Av Gorritt

    Recent Energy suppliers that have ceased trading

    Likewise for me too -- through the NFU buying scheme . In my case , definitely for the worse .
  2. Av Gorritt

    smartphone locked

    I've just shut mine down now , as said above , no more texts etc , until I switch on tomorrow a.m. I didn't know that the phone itself remained active . Something new every day .
  3. Av Gorritt

    smartphone locked

    Yes , exceptionally clever things . I'm constantly amazed at their capabilities , indeed I use mine as a constant reference manual for all things - and it's never failed me so far . And also , as a bonus , you can actually make and receive calls on it , a basic quality that we sometimes forget...
  4. Av Gorritt

    smartphone locked

    That fixed it . Thanks Sam Ever onwards and upwards !
  5. Av Gorritt

    smartphone locked

    Thanks Sam , I'll try that -well , I'd try anything . I actually cringe when I hear it . Accepting of course that I'm just a grumpy old git ! Mine's a Moto G10 . In sounds - advanced it doesn't have the "startup sound " but it has "power -on sounds" . I've switched that off , so - we shall see...
  6. Av Gorritt

    smartphone locked

    Well , that clears that up !. Now how to switch it off ?
  7. Av Gorritt

    smartphone locked

    Just a final (?) word on my Moto phone . Apart from seemingly having a life of it's own - sometimes it switches to "Aircraft mode " quite randomly , the little thing that really bugs me are the welcome words I get when I switch it on in the morning , and I haven't found a way to switch it off...
  8. Av Gorritt

    local forecast .

    It used to be possible to ring the local airport "Manchester Ringway" and ask for the met office there . You then asked for a "Farmer's Forecast " . Usually , a cheery sort of chap would say "Thinking of mowing a bit then Where are you ?" You would then get a positive or negative reply along...
  9. Av Gorritt

    What do you eat for breakfast

    When we had cows , I had just a pint of tea at starting time , and then when we'd got the milk away , cows finished off , about 09.00 we had a proper breakfast . Coffee , corn flakes with milk from the top of the vat , bacon and eggs , fried bread , tomatoes possibly . And then just 15 minutes...
  10. Av Gorritt

    OTC drug addiction - a cautionary tale !

    Some years back , I went into Hospital for an op. The drugs trolley came round at night , and I'd been told to ask for "syrup" . I've no idea hat this syrup was , but never again ! I went off on a wild trip the likes of which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy . . I'm not sure whether it was a...
  11. Av Gorritt

    Are you or your employees "working class"

    I've posted this before on this subject . A neighbour , now dec.d was asked by a chap with a clipboard this very question , "Do you consider yourself working , or middle class . Well , said he , when I'm up to my elbows emptying a rather sticky septic tank , I'm definitely working class . But...
  12. Av Gorritt


    Further to my original post , I think that the "farmer" involved missed an absolute opportunity when she went AWOL during the removal . I can just see the headlines if she'd been there to lead it out . "Hero farmer bows to the iniquity , head held high , and leads her beloved alpaca to be...
  13. Av Gorritt


    It looks like it will all go on and on for a time yet . I read that she's about to sue "the authorities " over the way they handled the removal . She's saying that they shouldn't have used a rope to drag it out , when there was it's own head collar available , thereby causing it great stress ...
  14. Av Gorritt

    Top of the Litter Pops......

    There was a group of protesters outside Woodheads in Colne a couple of weeks back , and the Sunday before that as well . The empty cans and other assorted rubbish was still there this Sunday . They obviously weren't environmental protesters --- ?
  15. Av Gorritt

    BCMS ending

    Well, for one , I'll be sad to see the old BCMS / CTS service , ended and a new one in it's place . They have unfailingly been very helpful up there in Workington , when I've needed to speak to anybody , and also , very non- judgemental on the occasions when I've made a cock-up of things - in...
  16. Av Gorritt

    water bowser

    No problem with water flow , so long as there is any head at all . It possibly will run more slowly , but will that matter to the cattle ?
  17. Av Gorritt

    Brave new world!

    It's all double Dutch to me 🤔
  18. Av Gorritt

    water bowser

    I did use an old slurry tanker once , as a water bowser . trouble with it was that the acid in the slurry had taken the galvanising off the tank , and even though it was thoroughly washed out it very quickly went rusty and delivered most un appetising looking water to the drinkers .
  19. Av Gorritt

    Will The Weather Affect The Grape Harvest?

    At last , a posting about the important things in life ;)
  20. Av Gorritt


    My B in L used to run a coach service each Sunday, Manchester area to the TB isolation hospital in High Carley , Ulverston . It regularly filled 2 x 41 seaters of family/ visitors . It dwindled to one 41 and one 29 seater , then one 41 , latterly only one 29 only partly full . Eventually ...