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    Used herbert drills

    Hi all, Does anyone know anywhere to buy or any currently available used herbert pillar drills. Been looking out for dispersal sales around Yorkshire for a while but not seen anything. I know of a few advertised at used machining tool companies but not sure if there are expensive compared to...
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    Raspberry Pi - Python Based GPS System

    Hi All, I just wanted to share something I have been for a couple of months now. I got interested in raspberry pis as cheap way of creating farm hardware. This started with a sheep RFID scanner which for the cost of ~£100 can read and manage all the data about our sheep flock like a commercial...
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    TEC ARC Multi 200i

    Hi All, Our stick inverter welder is on its way out and looking for a replacement. Had a look at TEC ARC who are local to us and saw this which looked interesting as it offered a multiprocess machine at what I thought was very reasonable money. 200A and mig/stick could be really useful for us...
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    New Holland Used Mid Mount Joystick

    Hi All, Does anyone happen to have a used/broken new holland midmount joystick either for a sidewinder armrest or the cupholder one? Doesn't matter what type as I am looking for the base/hall sensors to strip and use in a project. Ideally if anyone had one which was broken that would be great!
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    TX34 Combine Oat Settings

    First time combining winter oats this year with our TX34 and wondering if there was any advice from others about tips, tricks and settings. Currently using the manual as a guide and some tips from one other person. Settings were currently going to use are 12mm top sieve, 4mm bottom sieve, 800rpm...
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    Tractor Drawn Livestock Trailer Project

    Been thinking about making a tractor drawn livestock trailer as its something we could do with for moving cattle/sheep but the cost of even used containers to go on the back of straw trailers seem daft money. I was planning on cutting down an artic trailer as a basis (around 33ft), adding a...