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    First time Direct Drilling Grass

    Good evening, I'm after some advice please. First time doing this so be gentle! Earmarked a field that is performing poorly and wanting to get away from ploughing/similar costly reseed methods. Usually put swedes/kale in as a break crop but this is an additional field we're trying to improve...
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    Best post emergence spray for new grass ley

    As per question really. Have a few docks, thistles, buttercups (seem to be everywhere this year!) and what I think is a little bit of redshank. What's the best clover-safe product to hit them. Ley is approx 5 weeks and not too far off being ready to graze.
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    Staffing levels

    Hello I'm just after some info on the staffing level any of you block calves run, if you would be willing to share. How many staff and cows? Do you rear heifers and do you do any other field work? etc. Do you aim for any kpi such as a ppl for all labour? Any info much appreciated.
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    New reseed - what would you use?

    Morning We have a North facing steepish bank to reseed end of spring, coming out of swedes. Will not be silageable so solely a grazing ley. Has been down to poor pp for a long time and grazed with sheep. So, potential is unknown but I imagine it will be slow to get going in Spring. What mix...
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    Mains Energiser 15J

    Morning After recommendations for a mains energiser or perhaps just to know what to avoid. Looked at a few older threads but just wondering what's reliable at the moment? Thanks
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    Toyota Hilux 5th injector replacement

    Hi Been told this either need cleaning or replacing. Sounds like quite a job to strip and reach it and injector not cheap. Anyone had this done (clean or replacement) and, if you don't mind, what did it cost? 13 plate Hilux Thanks
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    Anglsey to nr Welshpool

    Hi Looking for someone to carry 30 in calf heifers on this route. Was hoping an empty trailer on the way to WPL market? Thanks
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    Recommendations for cubicles

    Hello Just a quick question mainly for spring calvers. Any recommendation (or ones to avoid) for brand of cubicle for mainly dry cows of 475 to 525kg LW? They will all be head to head and on mattresses. Thanks
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    Applying scratch cards

    Morning First rime this year applying estrotect cards to heifers, so I have a couple of queries where I'd be grateful for your help. What, if any, adhesive do you use? I will brush them clean but would you clip hairy ones? Any photos of the perfect placement? Hopefully the title of the...
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    Replacement for Massey Ferguson 5470

    Just pondering changing this tractor. It's a loader tractor but has done a hell of a lot more - been great to be honest. Also got a MF66 series and that's physically bigger. The 56/57 seem quite a bit smaller than the 5470 but that might be an illusion. Happy to demo other makes - quite like...
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    Solar battery energiser

    Hello I need a quick fix for splitting our big fields while we set up our permanent fencing. Would be for heifers now and for splitting calf paddock thereafter. Runs of no more than 300m single strand, much less when doubled up for calves. What size am i looking at? Would prefer a single...
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    Digging/trenching new water system

    Evening I'm after your thoughts on the best way to go about this. Totally new water system required, some 3000m in total. I'm waiting on site visit from a contractor with a trencher type machine and I've got another wanting the job digging it in. Generally over shale, with some clay in parts...
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    Animal performance on holistic systems

    I've read a great deal of the info on here and elsewhere about the significant gains in soil health etc with this approach. I was just hoping to gain some real world information on DLWG of animals or performance of dairy herds on this type of grazing compared with the in at 3000kg DM and out at...
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    Water troughs from Animal Comfort

    Has anyone any experience of the 400 and 500 gallon concrete troughs from Animal Comfort in Carmarthenshire? Good or bad? Thanks
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    Genus Crossbred - Metric

    Hello Speaking with the Genus rep who has some very competitive prices and he mentioned a new sexed Crossbred called Metric. He's genomic. Hold x jersey with the Hol being Medley and the Jersey from Fastrac. Does anyone know anything about these pedigrees and in particular, the grazing...
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    Salers bull for sale

    Stock bull for sale Rigel Kashmir (breeding available on database on Salers Society website) Born 2015, heterozygous polled, black. Has produced excellent pedigree and commercial heifers for us but now coming back on daughters. Get in touch for more details.
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    Any BF/Crossbred heifer calves for sale?

    Good morning I have placed an ad in the Wanted section but this forum may have more relevant traffic. Does anyone have a decent number of Spring 2019 calves for sale or coming up for sale shortly? Many thanks in advance
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    Wanted - Crossbred Heifer calves

    Hi Looking for spring 2019 born Friesian/Jersey Crossbred heifers (R1) for a grazing system. Would prefer a group of 20+. Thanks
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    Building Refurb - cubicle and passage dimensions

    After your advice on a building we're looking to refurb. Building currently has a row of cubicles against a wall, then passage, another single row of cubicles backing into the first passage and then another passage onto a feed barrier. Cubicles need lengthening and feed barrier now...
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    Grass reseed cultivation options

    Hi Just about to reseed two fields. In recent years we've ploughed, out in a root crop and then put in grass the following spring. But we want to do two straight to grass this autumn. They are two very different fields and I'm just after some thoughts on options other than ploughing 1 The...