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  1. deere150

    Water pump as volume washer

    Wondering if a water pump would work as a volume washer, for washing my cattle handling pens and yards down. I've got a old molex tanker, I'm planning to bolt it on. Asked local spot that sells them, and I couldn't make him understand I didn't want a pressure washer 🤦🏻‍♂️ could put a electric...
  2. deere150

    Another slurry tanker thread

    On pricing a new tanker with Doda pump for umbilical system. What are the pros/cons of having the vacuum pump hydraulic driven on the side of the tanker and the umbilical PTO driven ? rather than having a Garda gearbox driving the two. Slurrykat aren't keen of hydraulic vacuum pump, but Abbey...
  3. deere150

    Umbilical pump

    How feasible would it be to put a umbilical pump and DCI arm on a existing tanker, I know vacuum pump would be to move. Anyone done it ?
  4. deere150

    Can I use rims the opposite way round

    Got a round baler and I'm wanting to narrow it in a bit, it's currently 9'6" wide and I'm catching the walls at both sides of the road going to my biggest customers. Now I can turn the wheels round, and due to the offset make it 7 1/2" narrower. The stud holes have a chamfer on one side where...
  5. deere150

    Linkage drop rod

    On trying to unsieze the linkage drop rods on my old Deutz, got one side done but the others refuses to budge. Can I heat the cast bit up to get it moving, or will it crack. I know there's a roll pin stopping it screwing right out, but I need it turning to knock that out. I've had it soaking in...
  6. deere150

    Indemnity insurance

    Not sure if this is in the right place but.... I have a customer owes me a substantial amount of money, I'm insured to pursue debt. Just had a email off my insurer's appointed solicitors to say they're going to take my case. At the top it says limit of indemnity £250,000 don't suppose this means...
  7. deere150

    S Cheers Agri Engineering Ltd

    Looking at a tractor that these lot have got in, just wondering what they're like to deal with, they're at the opposite end of the country to me
  8. deere150

    Orbital fasteners

    Anyone using orbital fasteners for nuts and bolts? their prices seem very reasonable
  9. deere150

    Slack adjusters

    How do I remove slack adjusters without knackering them, brake rod is seized solid at the brake end and I'd like it all to bits to clean it down, planning on putting grease nipples on, like the commercial ones have
  10. deere150

    Bale wrap

    After a quote for 2 pallets of zeusepicrop bale wrap 750mm delivered to CA10 3EP
  11. deere150

    Muckspreader gearbox

    As above is there a drain hole ?
  12. deere150

    Black trailer

    On point of ordering a new trailer, blacks a no cost option. Just wondering if anyone's got one and regretted it, thinking about seeing trailer against roof when tipped, and how about keeping them clean ?
  13. deere150

    Axle stands

    Where is the best spot to get some decent axle stands, haven't measured lately but think I'm looking 700-750mm extended height. Main job for swapping wheels round on my fasty
  14. deere150

    Goliath sliding door gear

    I'm after a couple of sets of wheels, they're goliath 350. I've tried to ring them in Ireland to find who my local stockist is, but can't get an answer. Looked online to no avail, anyone know who would sell them in Cumbria or where I could find them online thanks
  15. deere150


    After a load of round bales of straw, sorry squares are no good for my bedding machine. Delivered to CA10 3EP payment is not a problem
  16. deere150

    Fastrac ad blue use

    Wondering how much ad blue others are using, my 4220 has used 210 litres to do 284 hrs. A good mix of work not just heavy work, average fuel consumption us 12litres hr
  17. deere150

    Where can I get some springs ?

    After a couple of brake return springs as pictured. Drawn a blank trying to get any in town.
  18. deere150


    Anyone used these lot to try and get a bit more wayleave, are they alright ?
  19. deere150

    Weigh pads

    Anyone on here able to give me a price (or point me in direction of someone that can) for some drive over weigh pads. Sell a fair bit of crop off farm, been using my mates but got to stage where I'm using them more than him
  20. deere150

    Reverse drive mowers

    Looking at some claas reverse drive mowers. Is it possible to split them and turn the rears round ? So I can run them front and back, if so how big a job is it. Also they're 9.4m so would 235hp be plenty to drive them.