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  1. whindy

    Sumo Strake (stubble rakes)

    Is a sumo stubble rake a good machine? Are others better? Looking to get a chit of wheat and sterile broom before Dd winter barley. Or is a light pass with express a better option?
  2. whindy

    Straw raking

    I have a problem with volunteers ! Mainly wheat in the winter barley. I am thinking of stubble raking to increase the germination . But this goes against the idea of not moving any soil before direct drilling. We are in the 3rd year of dd and volunteers are becoming an issue. Or is there a...
  3. whindy

    Csx 7080 NH combines!

    Seen a csx 7080 for sale are they any good? Cutting 600ac
  4. whindy

    Mig welder fault

    We have a tec arc mig and when release the trigger the wire continues to feed out .it will stop if you press trigger again quickly. It a pain any suggestions please
  5. whindy

    JVC vapomatic jd radio

    Has any body fitted one? I have tried to fit one to replace faulty Jd one in my 6155 but when plug cables in it will not turn on .I have tried another radio with the same outcome. The original radio will power up ok .the original radio keeps turning it self off .checked wires but can not locate...
  6. whindy

    6r radios again

    The radio on my 6155 keeps turning off randomly! Then last night I stopped the tractor pulled key out and it didn't turn off .I have checked the wires.
  7. whindy

    L200 pick-up

    We are looking at a 2017 2.4 to replace a old Isuzu which has been 💩 .we run 2 pick ups the other a hilux. L200 is a lump cheaper than a 2nd hand hilux. Are L200 2.4 reliable it has 64000 on the clock . Or are they best avoided?
  8. whindy


    Face book sale pages have a lot of chests full of new tools for sale claim to be German . Has any body bought them?
  9. whindy

    Keverland hb 400 power Harrow.

    Are kv hb400 hyd fold power harrows any good ? What are faults to look for on a used one.
  10. whindy

    Mf fe 35 1958 impulse buy.

    My son wanted to do up a 35 so we bought a 1958 35 4 cylinder diesel. It was running allegedly when parked up. The engine is solid now what is the best way forward to free it up? Or should we cut our losses and sell it on?
  11. whindy

    What are the best utv tyres

    Looking for a hard waring tyres for my mule dx .currently on bkt maxigrip but have poor survival rate. Have a large amount of road work between sites but need grip when off road on wet ground. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  12. whindy

    Tff app

    I have a new Samsung phone and dont seem to be able to find the app on play store?
  13. whindy

    Rolland v12 -170 muck spreader

    Are rolland muck spreaders any good? Would a v2 -170 spread layer manure ? Currently use a dual spreader looking for something that will spread more evenly.
  14. whindy

    Metcalfe points

    If any one is interested i have 17 (1spare) metcalfe dd conversions to sell for a 4m horsh sprinter £50 each .some spare points included. N yorks
  15. whindy

    Stubble turnips

    Is it to late to drill turnips? N yorks have a lot of lambs to feed
  16. whindy

    Cover crop recommendation

    Looking for a cover to drill un wb stubble which will be drilled with linseed or s beans
  17. whindy

    Quality firm

    Herd a rumour they are running out of a yard on euro auction site
  18. whindy

    Pa1 pa2

    Am I right in thinking that my pa1 /2 cover me for slug pelleter and knapsack. As I took them in 1988 and my number is in the 800s .l am having issues with crop assurance.
  19. whindy

    Foot paths! BBC at it again

    The ramblers on this morning pushing for people to register forgotten rights of way. More access more sheep worrying more poachers. And worse for wildlife. Disturbing nesting birds. Luckily we only have 2. As a lot were deregulated in the 1950s .can they claim these to be put back on the map?
  20. whindy

    Blockage sensor

    Thinking about fitting blockage sensors to my horsh sprinter . Are the worth it? Can anyone recommend some ?