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    has anyone had any issues with barley yellow mosaic virus strain 2?
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    Maize pre ems

    what pre ems are a lot of you using? Have just seen a rec for Templar, most micro and stay put what would your thoughts be on that? Be interesting to see if your thoughts are the same as mine!! Conventional maize to be drilled in may no particular weed issues
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    Stay put adjuvant

    Can anyone tell me what it is what it does and why you would use it? Appeared on a spray rec for pre em on maize mixed with Templar and most micro
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    is anyone using it as a soil conditioner? If so why do you use it? And what differences have you seen? Particularly interested in usage on heavy clay soils with high rainfall
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    does any one spread whey on the land? If so any problems? What beneficial things do you find with it? Awaiting a nutrient analysis but it's reasonably high in sodium is this going to cause any issues?
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    Seems France is banning sale of roundup to the public, thoughts on this? Will it lead to a wider ban? Not good news imo
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    Min till / zero till

    Does anyone use these techniques in devon any where, would be interested to come see what you do etc Thanks