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  1. SorenIlsoe

    Great article in Danish arable magazine

    You will not understand anything of it, but I can tell you, that i was a great article about Clive! It gives the high-input boys something to think about - but they mostly do not calculate their bottom-line economy. Thanks @Clive
  2. SorenIlsoe

    Is that the real picture? Saving a lot of money but also losing a lot of yield so button-line is worse?
  3. SorenIlsoe

    What do you think about this? Disc versus tines?
  4. SorenIlsoe

    New No-till Horsch single disc drill

    The JD750 drill is well known and solild build. This must be the reason that Horsch has copied it? I don't see much difference - apart from the color and single side row-cleaner in front on one of the pictures (drawing). Anyone that knows more about it, or must we wait until Agritechnica...
  5. SorenIlsoe

    Anyone going to Harper Adams University?

    Would have liked to join the meeting as it sound very interesting: Is anybody going there? And will it be possible to receive som information or papers from the day? Soren