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  1. benny6910

    600 wide tyres/ rims to fit househam at 4000

    I’m on the lookout for some 600 tyres and rims for a househam ar4000 8 stud.
  2. benny6910

    Manitou 741 boom lights low voltage

    Good morning, the boom lights have stopped working on my 2015 741 manitou. I’ve put the meter on and only getting 5.9 v to them so obviously not enough. Is there anywhere obvious I should look first like a multi plug somewhere? Thanks in advance Ben.
  3. benny6910

    What’s wrong with this grass?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place. What is wrong with this grass? Have had soil results and slightly low in p and k but not alarmingly low. It’s patchy across the field more on the clay than the sand. They were new seeds last year. I’m not sure what type of seeds they were as I didn’t buy it...
  4. benny6910

    Time between digestate application and soil sampling?

    How long should I leave a grass field that is going into wheat this autumn before I get the soil sampled? Field has just been cleared and will be sprayed off in 2 weeks or so. Digestate was applied 5 weeks ago. My agronomist says not to do it till spring? The man who samples says it will be ok...
  5. benny6910

    Roller shutter door instillation recommendations North Yorkshire

    Who has anybody used in North Yorkshire for new electric 20ft by 18ft for a grainstore? I’m looking to replace a manual 15ft door. Thanks in advance Ben.
  6. benny6910

    Hardi navigator experts

    Is there anybody who has a very good understanding about hardi sprayers? I’ve got a hydraulic problem possibly but I could do with talking to somebody who knows the system to try and explain the problem. Thanks in advance.
  7. benny6910

    Grain trailer Perspex

    Does anybody know what type of Perspex is used in the front of a grain trailer arch front window? I’m in need of a new one and genuine price is quite a lot more than I was thinking it should be.
  8. benny6910

    Am I mad considering swapping a trailed sprayer for a self propelled?

    I currently have a tracking drawbar trailed sprayer which I use on my mainline tractor. Am I mad wanting to swap the sprayer for a secondhand self propelled. My cropping is mainly cereals and beans occasionally osr. Apart from harvest help I do mainly everything myself with the tractor apart...
  9. benny6910

    Valta direct reliability?

    How are people finding the reliability of 200hp + with direct transmissions? Can they stand heavy draft work or are they best kept away from?
  10. benny6910

    Sumo replacement disks

    What replacement disks are people using for sumo trios? I’ve not had any prices yet but has anybody used agricast products? Are they good quality?
  11. benny6910

    Do I need planning permission?

    Good morning, as title says do I need planning permission to pull out 300m of hedge/ trees to be able to get to a ditch to clean it out? It is not possible to clean it from the neighbors side and I’m not sure they’ll like the trees/ hedge being pulled out as it is acting as screening on there...
  12. benny6910

    John Deere 750a users

    Sorry if this is in the wrong thread but looking at direct drills as I have got a capital grant for purchase of a drill. Is anybody successfully using a 750a on cultivated/ low disturbance sumo trio worked land? Is the drill able to work on not so firm ground? Thanks in advance Ben.
  13. benny6910

    Claas lexion 570 powerspreader settings

    Does anybody know if I can remove this controller from my 570+ and the controls will still work in the cab? Currently whichever setting I have it on I don’t seam to get a corresponding spread pattern. The controller was fitted when the combine was 3 years old so is it as easy as unplug and it’ll...
  14. benny6910

    Horsch duett

    I’m selling these duett Coulter’s as I’ve no use for them and I’m going to change to Dutch openers. Are they any use to anybody? 16 available 07976090203 sensible offers invited.
  15. benny6910

    Cover crop cost v low disturbance subsoiling

    Good evening, how much does a decent deep rooting cover crop cost per acre in comparison to some form of low disturbance subsoiling? Just wondering what actual figures people are getting. I’ve had 40 acres drilled this spring with a 750a as a test to see if I could use this kind of system...
  16. benny6910

    Manitou pin and cone headstock

    Manitou pin and cone headstock believe it to have come off a 735 locking pins there but no pipes. I bought it as a spare/ or to use when I upgraded my forklift but no longer required. £500 plus vat yo17 North Yorkshire collection. Contact number 07976090203 thanks Ben.
  17. benny6910

    Manitou pin and cone headstock

    I’m looking for a pin and cone headstock for a wide cab 741 manitou if anybody knows of anything please contact me on 07976090203 thanks Ben.
  18. benny6910

    Bailey tb 14 or similar

    Looking for a bailey tb 14 grain trailer not a root. Flotation tyres air brakes a must. Tidy condition only ideally 5-6 years old if anybody knows of anything. Call me 07976090203 thanks Ben.
  19. benny6910

    Weaving gd drill

    Please be gentle with me as I am not a direct driller but have been looking into the options and I quite like the look of the weaving gd. Would this drill still work on sumo’ed land or do they need a firm surface to work on? Just wondering as I’ve got 50% sumo’ed ground and 50% lightly...
  20. benny6910

    Winter beans sown in spring as a cover crop?

    Is this a option in the spring as a cover crop on heavy fallow land? Realistically I have 40ha that I will not be able to sow with spring barley as the soil type doesn’t lend its self to spring crops unless it is a kind winter and early spring. So just thinking before the last of my beans go...