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  1. shumungus

    Topper repair to save £700.

    Blade carrier on a 9ft rhino topper. Broke the end off it and on investigation the other end was cracked. Phoned dealer new blade carrier £727 plus postage and would be at least a week. Local plasma men very good and cut ne a bit of 25mm thick 355 steel at very short notice. Damp here this...
  2. shumungus

    Can't find TFF app.

    Samsung phone, had to delete and reload the app except now can't find the TFF app to download, even gave it to the 12 year old and he drew a blank. What am I missing?
  3. shumungus

    McConnel drive donuts.

    Anyone know a cheap place to source these? Think the guys over here are having a laugh.
  4. shumungus

    Fiona Grassbag si.

    Latest auction purchase. What bit is missing and where would I get it?
  5. shumungus

    Wet day job.

    35x made a bang noise and stopped lifting during the hay campaign. Had a look in for the first time in 58 years, relief valve stuck and had burst the lift ram, bit of wear to say the least. Just replaced everything on the way out should do for another few decades.
  6. shumungus

    Trailed Quad Sprayer pump

    Fed up with messing about with 100l sprayer on quad, temperamental pump, sprayer on quad when you need it for something else etc. I have a 400l ex Hardi tank and frame and am going to build a trailed sprayer mainly for lance and small boom work doing hedge bottoms, lanes, yards etc. It will have...
  7. shumungus

    Leatherman type tool.

    What have we found to be the best/most useful leatherman type tool. Thinking of getting one but don't want to carry around too large an item.
  8. shumungus

    Spraying Docks and associated weeds on grassland.

    Been quoted £110/£120 per 5l of Forefront. what mixes out there would do the same job for less money. What is that like as a price for Forefront?
  9. shumungus

    Parker Solenoid.

    Anyone know where I could source one of these? @Mr Happy
  10. shumungus

    Shipping a machine from Louisiana USA. To any UK or Irish port.

    As per title anyone know who would be able to quote for this? Trailed machine. 16ft long x 10feet wide (with wheels removed) x 6 1/2 feet high weighs 3 ton. Thoughts?
  11. shumungus

    What would this be costing per cow?

    As title happened upon this film on Youtube, very enjoyable but got me thinking as to how much something like this must cost? Building A 200 Cow Dairy Farm From Zero [] The Netherlands [] Mts. Buisman - YouTube
  12. shumungus

    10 Inch Touch screen in cab.

    Want to install a 10 inch ish touch screen in cab that when I get in tractor automatically pairs with my phone so it becomes my phone screen and is linked to my stereo so if I listen to spotify its on the cab stereo not the tablet/screen speaker and I can use big screen for making calls etc Is...
  13. shumungus

    Plug problem.

    Does anyone know the super secret way of opening this plug? And yes I have tried all the usual ways. It's off a set of Truetest load bars.
  14. shumungus

    Day old price.

    What would growers be paying for Day Olds in GB?
  15. shumungus

    Best place to site a Larsen trap?

    As above.
  16. shumungus

    Pig prices.

    Can someone explain why the pig price has collapsed and how low is it in comparison to what it was in GB. And if it is bad why is there a massive growth in pig units for fattening in Northern Ireland?
  17. shumungus

    McConnell hedge cutter size for MF399.

    Looking ahead to next season what size/model of hedge cutter would be a good match for a Massey 399 with axle brackets and wheel weights. Would like bells and whistles. TIA
  18. shumungus

    Honda engine pto drive.

    Anybody got a link or model number for the honda engine and gearbox set up for putting on a sprayer or fert sower. Six spline 540rpm? TIA
  19. shumungus

    The last nail in the coffin.

    A shambles from start to finish. Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI): Plan to shut scheme and compensate boiler owners - BBC News
  20. shumungus

    Poultry shed heat exchanger.

    Anyone on here running long heat exchangers in their poultry houses namely the long tube type the length of the house with lots of little holes? I have a Plettenburg system here and am wondering how other people run theirs. Heights, period of use etc.