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  1. Will Blackburn

    Sourcing a Simba 2b wheel bearing.

    Where is best place for this?
  2. Will Blackburn

    Maize 2021

    Could be disappointing, I have one light field in with stronger land waiting for dry weather. I could have drilled a month ago but soil temperatures were very low, I'm not seeing any evidence yet that we missed a trick as nothing is showing for earlier sowings. It looks very likely that some of...
  3. Will Blackburn

    Retrofit isobus sprayer section control.

    Looking to add section control to a sprayer as part of a small grant claim. This will be for a second hand sprayer, on a tractor with AGCO guidance, and a Tellus Pro screen opened up for section control and variable rates. I've seen Agleader gear that may do the job, is that a decent option and...
  4. Will Blackburn

    Nice Neighbours.

    We’ve been clearing blocked drains today and this came out. There is a kennels up the hill. Definite dog hair/faeces combo??
  5. Will Blackburn


    Must be a few farmfluencers on here? Quite a few new toys being unboxed for an international audience. What sort of inducements are being offered to very publicly switch loyalties?
  6. Will Blackburn

    AG 3000 repair/replacement

    I've got an AG3000 receiver that has stopped seeing satellites after an update. This is beyond the local dealer’s repair capabilities, they have kindly loaned me another to keep me going. Just looking for opinions on the best way forward. The receiver runs a steer ready isobus MF6616 through a...
  7. Will Blackburn

    Entitlements available free.

    14.35ha English non-sda available for lease no charge but must be used! PM me.
  8. Will Blackburn

    Crystal medicines recording?

    Is there anyway to do group or herd medicine recording, without doing each individual animal?
  9. Will Blackburn

    Round bale hay, Claverley to Lymm.

    Got 250 bales need moving between Claverley near Wolverhampton, Shropshire to Lymm, Cheshire. Just steady through the winter months. Cheers Will.
  10. Will Blackburn

    Asdaburys anyone?

    Brexit related I think.
  11. Will Blackburn

    Situation Vacant Work Available on Dairy Farm.

    Fulltime or part-time person required to be part of the team on a 300 cow + followers dairy farm. Ability to drive modern farm equipment and an interest looking in after stock an advantage. Call/text 07976 280551
  12. Will Blackburn

    Reception tank pump?

    We've got a 10ft deep 5000G tank and need to mix then pump slurry 200m along a 6" pipe to an above ground store. Any makes/models worth a look or avoiding?
  13. Will Blackburn

    Bulk milk test issues.

    What is happening here, bearing in mind consistent day to day management of the herd? More specifically fat levels. The herd was full time housed from the 4th November, but was on 75%+ winter ration before that.
  14. Will Blackburn

    Smooth floor for feed fence.

    I've just put some concrete down for a feed fence. Just 70ft, we will, all being well do 250ft next summer. I want to put a smooth resin surface on it. Shepherds is one that springs to mind are there any others worth looking at?
  15. Will Blackburn

    Preparations for a Corbyn Government.

    How does one prepare for the inevitable? I'm actually quite bullish about better receipts across the industry. I think there will be radical changes to taxation, well there has to be given the spending commitments. Taxation of capital, income and spending will all have to increase. My best guess...
  16. Will Blackburn

    Mains Electric Fencer Recommendations.

    I think my unit has been taken out by lightening. I've got a Pel 4100 at present and it's borderline powerwise. Any recommendations in the 15 Joule + sector. Remote control would be handy as well. Also wondering about the possibility of splitting the circuit and running 2 units. TIA.
  17. Will Blackburn

    Entitlements available free.

    I've got just over 14ha non SDA spare, I will lose them this year if they are not used. I will transfer them for free as long as if I require them next year you will transfer them back. If I don't need them then you can keep them.
  18. Will Blackburn

    Opico dryer auger?

    How do you get the auger out of the tube, without a crane? I think mine is bent so needs bending or replacing.
  19. Will Blackburn

    Top soil price?

    Got a job on me involving lifting the soil level to provide more cover on a pipeline. I don't want any material brought in so they are buying some off me. What is good top soil delivered price? Thanks.
  20. Will Blackburn

    Dryer gas feed pipe?

    Where to get a wet feed lpg pipe to feed an Opico GT, because the one fitted to the tank is not long enough.