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  1. Mr chips

    Carrier For Cover Crops

    Afternoon, We've just purchased a Vaderstad Carrier and are planning on establishing cover crops with it. Has anyone had any experience doing so and have any tips or pointers? I've heard they aren't great in wet times which we've seen with the bit we did demoing it this autumn. Thanks
  2. Mr chips

    Simba tl cultivator

    4m folding simba tl cultivator.
  3. Mr chips

    Krm sola drill

    Tidy condition
  4. Mr chips

    Triple k

    Looking for a tidy 5.5 or 6 meter triple K spring tine cultivator.
  5. Mr chips

    Spring drilling advice

    Just thinking ahead to our spring drilling into one of our cover crops. We are weighing up whether we would need to top or we could DD straight into then spray off (We have no access to crimp roller). The mix is a 6 way from Kevin @ Countryside Seeds in Cornwall, seems to respond very well to...
  6. Mr chips

    Fertiliser spreaders

    Looking to swap our spreader. KRM or Amazone.
  7. Mr chips

    Hen manure

    Can anyone tell me how much a cubic meter of Hen manure from a multi tiered free range shed will weigh please?
  8. Mr chips


    We are looking for a tidy mobile road compressor 120/150 cfm. Will be used to blow machinery off in field.
  9. Mr chips

    Shipping container

    Looking for a tidy 20ft shipping container. Ideally in Yorkshire.
  10. Mr chips

    Hen manure

    We have secured a contract for around 2000t a year of hen litter. It’s to collect twice a week from a multi tier shed. Can anyone advise me on how much a cubic meter will weigh. I am getting conflicting answers. Thanks in advance.
  11. Mr chips

    Row crop wheels

    Wanted a set of 14.9 x 46 / 14.9 x 30 Stocks or similar strong row crop wheels to fit MF 6718s . Solid centres preferred.
  12. Mr chips

    Blackburn chitting crates

    Blackburn chitting crates wanted . Any number considered.
  13. Mr chips

    Plough metal

    Our Lemken plough is ready for new boards. Genuine is twice the price of non genuine. Your thoughts please on value for money.
  14. Mr chips

    Blackburn chitting crates

    Wanted Blackburn chitting crates. Any number considered .
  15. Mr chips

    Proven wind turbines

    Has anybody sourced parts for Proven 35 lately? We have lowered one of ours today and needs a few things replacing.
  16. Mr chips

    Potato lifting

    Just got in after another interesting days lifting. Wondered how everyone else is getting on ? We are getting there albeit slowly. Long time since we have had a time like this .
  17. Mr chips

    Herbicide choice on potatoes

    I was just wondering what growers thoughts on herbicides are in these very dry conditions? Had a very interesting discussion with our agronomist this morning. We have a lot at the point of spraying later this week . Decision time.
  18. Mr chips

    Tipping back plate

    Looking for a tipping back plate from a rough terrain forklift.
  19. Mr chips

    Forward box tipper

    We are looking for a forward tipping box tipper to fit a Manitou forklift. Ideally a Broadwater.
  20. Mr chips

    Chitting lights

    Chitting lights required 6ft to 12 ft high any condition considered.