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  1. farmerste

    what angle to cut at

    just about to order some steel to put another bay on the end of an existing portal frame shed, it has a 15 degree roof pitch so am i guessing rightly that i need to ask steel stockholders to make my cuts at 115 degrees ,cant remember properly what angles i asked for the last time i had some cut...
  2. farmerste

    Doda Slurry pump

    Does anyone know if the thread on the end of the shaft holding the blade on is a left or right handed one? May save a lot of messing if i know which way to try and turn it :rolleyes:
  3. farmerste

    vacuum tanker pump oil

    i have recently got a hispec tanker with a jurop pump on it, sticker on tanker says to use SAE 20 oil but am struggling to find any such oil online,is ordinary milking macine oil the same spec? What does everyone else use in their pumps?
  4. farmerste

    Fertiliser spreader / broadcaster: Amazone - ZAM- Novis

    Fertiliser spreader / broadcaster: Amazone - ZAM- Novis Category: Fertiliser spreader / broadcaster Manufacturer: Amazone Price: £1400 Condition: Used Description: Amazone fertiliser spreader, in good working order. 12m spreading discs and border spreading disc,holds 3x600kg bags.Hopper...
  5. farmerste

    taxing a gator

    Have had a gator for 4 years now which was taxed by the jd dealer as limited use, never had a problem taxing it on the dvla website until today. Website is now saying that the vehicle can't be taxed as it doesnt have a valid MOT, has anybody else had this problem and have dvla changed the...
  6. farmerste

    Anybody fancy making one of these

  7. farmerste

    Handover pack

    i had solar panels fitted on a couple of buildings at the start of may, 30kw system . Was told day of completion that i would receive a "hand over pack" in the post shortly and they would sort out the FiT paperwork. What should i be expecting in the pack as at the moment i have nothing apart...
  8. farmerste

    4x4 Vehicles: Land Rover - Discovery

    4x4 Vehicles: Land Rover - Discovery Category: 4x4 Vehicles Manufacturer: Land Rover Price: £1995 Condition: Used Description: Discovery Td5 GS 2001 Very tidy condition, regularly serviced. Mot until 20 jan 2018 and passed with no advisories, 170000 miles, Manual gearbox, 7 seats...
  9. farmerste

    Farm Tractors: Case IH - 895

    Farm Tractors: Case IH - 895 Category: Farm Tractors Manufacturer: Case IH Price: £5900 Condition: Used Description: Case ih 895 stockman special with chillton loader. In good condition.Just had new clutch fitted and had new hydraulic pump 2 months ago. Reliable tractor. Images: See the...
  10. farmerste

    Farm Tractors: International - 475

    Farm Tractors: International - 475 Category: Farm Tractors Manufacturer: International Price: £950 Condition: Used Description: International Harvester 475 Has the perkins engine in this model Has been sat at the back of the shed for the last 4 years unused and now i cant get it to start...
  11. farmerste

    Velactis - *Now suspended*

    Anybody using velactis, our vets have been encouraging their clients to use it on certain cows as an aid to drying off, havent used it myself but for anybody who has you should maybe read the link below...
  12. farmerste

    Buckets: Quicke -

    Buckets: Quicke - Category: Buckets Manufacturer: Quicke Price: £400 Condition: Used Description: ALO quicke bucket 2M wide in good tidy condition Euro hooks Images: See the full size images for this listing on the classifieds by clicking here [SIZE=2]This post was...
  13. farmerste

    Forks: Other -

    Forks: Other - Category: Forks Manufacturer: Other Price: £250 Condition: Used Description: Pallet forks for tractor front loader, fitted with euro hooks, pallet forks are adjustable for width Images: See the full size images for this listing on the classifieds by clicking here...
  14. farmerste

    kramer 750T

    Just thinking about buying a second hand kramer to replace my loader tractor around the yard. The 750t looks ok for what i want it to do, has anyone got one and any problems to look out for in second hand ones?
  15. farmerste

    case ih 895 oil pump

    I have just changed the oil pump on my stockman 895 as the old one was getting very tired, Replaced it with a new one and also got a kit of intatrac to speed up the pump( basicaly a smaller cog and a spacer plate) Works well and is a lot faster with loader on but it makes a hell of a whine...
  16. farmerste

    RPA phoneline

    so thought id better start trying to do my bps online but have forgotten my customer reference number from last year!! Tried the helpline number 6 times now but everytime i press the option for rpa it just says "we are unable to take your call" and cuts me off!! Anybody managed to get through to...
  17. farmerste

    keenan feeders

    just seen this via twitter, looks like keenan are in a spot of trouble!
  18. farmerste

    Concrete Panel

    New concrete panel, measures 3.9m long, 1.2m high and is 95mm thick £180
  19. farmerste


    is there a way to scroll back the banners that appear at the top and bottom of the page or maybe a list of advertisers? sometimes i see one that i'm interested in and would click on to find out more but i might only see it as i'm clicking on a thread and then a new, different banner appears.
  20. farmerste

    simple electrical question !!

    just checking i've got this right, I have installed 4 floodlights in my cow shed and each one has a 250w sodium lamp in it, so when all four are switched on that adds up to 1kw. does that mean that if i'm paying 12p kw/hr then it costs me 12p per hour to run them or does it not work that way...