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  1. early riser

    Concrete grooving Yorkshire/North East

    Recommendations for concrete grooving firms covering Yorkshire/North East region please. Been messed about by a certain established company so having to look at other options, as work needs doing ASAP on some particularly slippy concrete Thanks in advance
  2. early riser

    Retrofit on-board weigh systems for telehandler

    I’m looking at options for retro-fitting an on-board weighing system onto my telehandler as I don’t run a diet feeder and want to be more precise with feeding. This would be for weighing forages and moist feed, rather than small amounts of conc etc. Does anyone have experience of these systems...
  3. early riser

    Hedge planting cut off date

    I’ve got a considerable length of hedges to plant as part of a stewardship scheme, for various logistical reasons I’ve not been able to make a start yet. I appreciate that late autumn/early winter is advocated as the best time to plant hedges, but will it be an issue carrying out the work in...
  4. early riser

    Value of quarried limestone

    I will be digging another slurry lagoon this year and will have a quantity (2000t+) of quarried limestone available surplus to requirements. Should be good stuff to crush for hardcore What sort of money is this worth ex farm before going through a crusher?
  5. early riser

    JCB TM310/320

    Wanted - tidy used JCB TM310 or 320. Preferably sub-5,000hrs, condition more important than age. Cash waiting for right machine. Located Yorkshire
  6. early riser

    Implications of change in business structure for AHA tenancy

    Currently farm in partnership with my father as joint tenants on a successive 1986 AHA tenancy. Father is looking at coming out of the partnership and so for tax purposes I am looking at moving to Limited company status. Before I sit down and discuss this with my landlord, what are the likely...
  7. early riser

    Rainfastness of pour on wormer

    I need to treat my milkers with Eprizero pour on as soon as possible, however i have an outdoor collecting yard and its forecast rain pretty much every day for the next few weeks. Dont want to be pouring money down the drain, so does anybody have any idea about how rainfast these products are...
  8. early riser

    Feeding from the 'wrong end' of a silage pit....

    My wholecrop pit is open at both ends and has approx 2% slope on it. Due to building delays i may be forced to feed from the opposite end as usual i.e. working downhill rather than against the slope, so obviously when it rains heavily rainwater will run back against the silage face rather than...
  9. early riser

    Slurry contractors and biosecurity

    I usually apply all our slurry using our own splash plate tanker. However, due to second cut aftermaths greening up very fast, coupled with lack of rain in forecast, I’m considering getting a contractor in with a tanker equipped with trailing shoe. My only concern is biosecurity risks. I run a...
  10. early riser

    Butterfield Plant Sales

    Looking at a machine at Butterfield Plant Sales, West Yorkshire. Anyone have experience of this firm? Replies via PM if preferred Thanks
  11. early riser

    How many trailers.........

    Been offered a field of WW to wholecrop this summer. Just on budgeting what it will cost to get it back to base. Field is 8.5mile away, good roadside frontage, main roads all the way there, no busy towns or villages to pass through. Relatively flat going. Wondering how many trailers I would...
  12. early riser

    How wide is too wide........

    Making final plans for new cubicle building featuring wide, tractor scraped passages and sand beds. Original plan was for 14ft scrape passage between beds and 16ft min against feed barrier (cows not backing onto it). We farm on a very windy exposed site and I'm slightly concerned about...
  13. early riser

    Water troughs

    Just on pricing up options for water troughs for cubicle crossover passages. Looking at either tipping troughs or the rapid empty ones with the large bung on the base. What would folks recommend and is there any issues with either design? I like the rapid empty troughs from Teemore as they can...
  14. early riser

    How to convert wps file to Microsoft Word

    I have been emailed a quote and the document is in wps format, which my computer will not let me open. How do I open this file type or convert it to a .doc Word file? Help!
  15. early riser

    Cost of telehandler ownership vs tractor loader

    Currently run 120hp loader tractor to carry out all tasks on 120 cow/200ac dairy farm. Thinking seriously about moving to a small telehandler e.g. Kramer for feeding up/scraping out/cubicle bed management. What concerns me is the potential cost of telehandler ownership. I have heard some...
  16. early riser

    Trailing shoe/dribble bar

    This topic has probably been done to death, but....... Looking at retro-fitting either a trailing shoe or dribble bar to my Conor tanker as part of a LEADER grant. I run a straw yard system, and also feed big bale silage at times, so my main concern is how will this kit cope with slurry that...
  17. early riser

    Conor Economy Trailing Shoe

    Looking at trailing shoe options for my Conor tanker to reduce sward contamination compared to splash plate. Is anyone running the Conor Economy trailing shoe? Looks a simple lightweight design aimed at farmers rather than contractors. However, with only 24 outlets across 6.4m, and 270mm...
  18. early riser

    Cubicle shed crossover passage

    I would like to feed my milking cows down a central feed passageway with a sheargrab to keep things simple. However the gable end where the cows cross to get to collecting yard is also the same end that my silage pits are located - which would mean making multiple trips with loader across a...
  19. early riser

    Feeding down a central passage with telehandler

    Current winter regime is shear grab silage into outdoor bunkers topped up with parlour cake. Slurry production from acres of outdoor concrete is an issue so looking to feed the cows indoors along a barrier behind locking yokes for ease of management. To avoid the cost and complication of...
  20. early riser

    Gordon Agri

    Usual question Looking at a machine advertised by this firm in Scotland, has anyone had dealings with this firm good, bad or otherwise? Replies via PM if preferred Thanks