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  1. JD6920s

    Dutch barn.

    We’ve got a little 3 bay Dutch barn we no longer require and want to remove, is there any call for buildings like this as it’s a tidy little shed, or just cut it up for scrap?
  2. JD6920s

    Harrow tines

    Got 70 odd of these with clamps to fit 50mm square box. Ideal for a rake or weeder project, drill or harrow. Only had light use so plenty of wear left. Looking for £4 each including a clamp.
  3. JD6920s

    Crittal Grain Panels.

    Looking to build a grain hopper for a drier out of some crittal grain panels, are there any wider than 3m? Ideally I’d like it 4m square so as to not to have to go too high.
  4. JD6920s

    Master 16 t electric drier

    Looking for a good Master 16t all electric fully automatic grain drier. Please PM me. Thanks
  5. JD6920s

    Farm Hoover

    Looking for a heavy duty hoover, not necessarily wanting a Big Brute, but something more capable than a Henry. seen these, does anyone have any experience of them?
  6. JD6920s

    MF 6290 front PTO

    As above, does anyone have a front pto kit to fit on a 2002 model MF6290, it’s got to be compatible with a MX r38 2002 front linkage for sale please?
  7. JD6920s


    3’x3’ x 2’6” high on castors. Tidy condition. £25 £
  8. JD6920s

    Tank stand

    7’6” long 4’ wide 5’ high £35
  9. JD6920s

    Tank stand

    5’7” long 4’2” wide 4’8” high £25
  10. JD6920s

    Tank stand

    6’ long 4’ wide 5’7” high £40
  11. JD6920s

    Tank stand

    8’ long 4’ wide 7’4” high £40
  12. JD6920s


    Sleeper ramp. Needs a couple of welds redoing but otherwise sound. 13’ long 8’2” wide 4’ rise. Just add sleepers. £125
  13. JD6920s

    JS130 throttle motor

    Has anyone ever converted their JS to a manual throttle and stop control when the throttle motor plays up, if so what did you use please?
  14. JD6920s

    Ford 10 series link arms

    As above, a pair of unused arms removed from a 1985 8210, would fit county or similar. Been on the shelf collecting dust for the last 35 years! Any suggestions as to what these are these worth please?
  15. JD6920s

    Amazone spreader discs

    One pair of discs and two odd ones, think they’re from a ZAU. Any offer accepted.
  16. JD6920s

    Crumbler roller

    Heavy duty crumbler roller for a subsoiler with bearings. £300
  17. JD6920s

    Snow plough

    10’ snow plough with 3 point linkage, new castor wheels good rubber that can be turned over. Could easily be made into a grain pusher. £300
  18. JD6920s

    Grain cooling systems

    Looking at a temperature differential cooling system for a grain store. We have a Lishman system running 4 Pedestal’s and a store vent fan using outside temp against crop temp which works very well. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with the Gibbons plug and cool set up I’ve seen...
  19. JD6920s

    Drain Jetter

    I’ve started making my own drain Jetter, as I’ve been looking to buy one for some time, then dropped on a hydraulic driven reel off a gulley sucker, so made a start. I’ve got a high pressure piston pump for the job, but need to source a 50 bar unloader relief valve with a bypass port and a...
  20. JD6920s

    Oil or LPG?

    Any advice welcome, looking for heating source for two barn conversions currently being done. Fully insulated with underfloor heating on ground floor and radiators upstairs. Not interested in ground source or biomass. Was originally going for outdoor oil boiler, undecided on combi or cylinder...