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  1. Foxcover

    Anybody seen one of these before

  2. Foxcover

    Thriplow Annual Report

    Always a good read. Thanks @dontknowanything
  3. Foxcover

    Fendt depreciation per hour

    Friend was quoted £80k this week to swap a 3000 hour 720 for a new one. Dealer valued his at £90k, £27 per hour depreciation/cost to change.
  4. Foxcover

    Robot seeder

    Here you go @Clive
  5. Foxcover

    Powerharrowing infront of Rapid

    is it just me or does else anyone see the point in powerharrowing infront of a Rapid? Everyone seems to be doing it here this year, couple of tractors with 6m powerharrows working directly infront of Challengers with 6m Rapids, have we gone backwards?
  6. Foxcover

    Thriplow annual report An interesting read once again, and even a bit about machinery, unlike last year @dontknowanything (y)