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  1. Warnesworth

    Pershore to Exeter

    64 Bale Carrier. not urgent, times can be flexible. Thanks
  2. Warnesworth

    1983 Deutz Fahr Combine M2385

    This is going to the scrapyard soon, so parts are available (as if, ha ha ha ). Located nr Exeter. Contact me for further details
  3. Warnesworth

    What drilled this....?

    Field was drilled a few days ago (wheat), has been 8 yrs or so of CA. Hardly looks like its been touched. What drill was used?
  4. Warnesworth

    Anyone after a Crossllot?

    Absolutely nothing to do with me and definitely not a recommendation but I found this... @Chris F if this is in the wrong place or contravenes rules please delete :)
  5. Warnesworth

    Profi Magazine Jan 1999 - Oct 2002

    An almost complete collection, some in ring binders, some loose. FREE to collector, I also travel about with work a bit so might be able to deliver.... just ask.
  6. Warnesworth

    Spreading Sewage Sludge

    I was talking to a farmer today who was having some sludge delivered and spread by a well known contractor. I casually asked if the deployment was in place and the reply was "no, the contractor says I don't need a deployment". I made my excuses and left. I know a little bit about deployments...
  7. Warnesworth

    Cornwall to Oxon (or South Devon)

    I have my eye on an Alfa Romeo that runs but is a project. Anyone able to move it from Camborne to Chipping Norton. Or to my fathers nr Exeter.
  8. Warnesworth


    Not wishing to advertise but is anyone going? What time does it start?
  9. Warnesworth

    silage clamp temperatures

    Does anybody have an opinion on how hot a silage clamp should get? This clamp has been open and slowly filled for about 10 days now. Out of interest I stuck a thermometer into it to see how hot it was ( it felt pretty hot to the touch) I was quite shocked to see the reading! For those of...
  10. Warnesworth

    Covering silage clamps

    I have always understood that it's very important (if you want to make the best silage possible, and who doesn't) that you sheet the clamp at night even if you are going to resume filling the following day. I know it's a ball ache but if you spend all that money putting it in there I think its...
  11. Warnesworth

    Whole crop for AD

    What do people think is the optimum growth stage for cutting cereals for wholecrop silage? Thinking of hybrid rye or triticale. I guess aiming for 30-32% DM.
  12. Warnesworth

    Grass silage for AD

    Looking to make grass silage this year for AD. I cannot find any recommendations regarding best time to cut, i.e. grass growth stage, wilt time, additive etc. Any advice gratefully appreciated.
  13. Warnesworth

    L200 clutch

    I need to change the clutch on a 06 L200, anybody got any tips? Is it better to move the engine or the gearbox. Or should I just swap it on and get something better?!
  14. Warnesworth

    Anybody after some digestate?

    Anybody in the Bucks/Beds/Herts/Essex areas interested in some liquid digestate from a maize fed digester? Must be able to take some immediately i.e. you must have storage. Drop me a PM
  15. Warnesworth

    building lagoon - planning?

    I want to build a lagoon, approx 10,000 m3. I have been told I don't need planning but I think this is nonsense. Any pointers? TIA