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  1. Wilksy

    Looking For Work Concrete inspector

    Following i recent thread I’ve just read I would like to but myself forward for the position of concrete inspector, I’ve mixed and laid and walked on a fair bit of concrete so feel I am well suited to the post, I am also competent with a tape measure
  2. Wilksy

    Air rifle….. tax deductible?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, can a farmer put an air rifle through there books? It would be in lew of payment for help/work but if it helps him by tax deductible it’s win win
  3. Wilksy

    Wanted holiday let August

    Hello, we are looking for a week away In August, a cottage/cabin/static preferably in either lakes, Yorkshire dales,Northumberland or derby dales, ideally with a hot tub. To sleep two adults and two teenage girls and a border terrier, wife has been looking on the internet but nowt doing it...
  4. Wilksy

    Red diesel pump not working

    Now bare with me, the farmer I help out pump isn’t pumping, been this morning and rigged a temporary pump and filled the tractors but I just wondering if anyone had any tips/ideas? Tank is currently empty going to get 500ltrs tomorrow. Power is getting to it and it’s humming but no diesel I’ve...
  5. Wilksy

    Defender 110

    I'm in the market for a defender 110 landrover, I'd say a budget of 10-15k ideally rear seats with a van back end but not a deal breaker if it's not, obviously good chassis and bulkhead average or slightly over average miles, it's going to be a work van/gunbus/family outing vehicle, currently...
  6. Wilksy

    Keruing hardwood grain floor

    Wanted as title in any lengths 3',4' or 6' with metal mesh strips, any quantity considered, based in East yorks but willing to travel and dismantle if required. Many thanks
  7. Wilksy

    Will china be held accountable?

    Sorry if it has been covered and I've missed it, I was reading the Boris thread and rather than derail it i though I'd start afresh, do you think there will be any action taken to make China pay somehow once the dust settles? It seems ridiculous that we are buying ppe off them!