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  1. Mr chips

    John Deere 1020

    morning pm me . I could have a one of interest to you.
  2. Mr chips

    Carrier For Cover Crops

    Afternoon, We've just purchased a Vaderstad Carrier and are planning on establishing cover crops with it. Has anyone had any experience doing so and have any tips or pointers? I've heard they aren't great in wet times which we've seen with the bit we did demoing it this autumn. Thanks
  3. Mr chips

    Bionature fertilisers

    We have been using Bionature for 10 years on potatoes. With some outstanding results. We have done our own trials year on year. We have run them on the side of our normal nutritional program.
  4. Mr chips

    No worms in DD land

    I believe slug pellets have been a major fact in the decline of worm numbers on many farms. I know by what I see around our us. We have used very few over the last 20yrs . Even on potatoes. We have more worms than ever. Manure. chopped straw. Cc . All help.
  5. Mr chips

    Harvest/Yields 2020

    Our weather station today. 40.8mm today. 54mm in the last 24hrs. 109.3 in the last 7 days. 164mm in August. 346.5 mm from the 1st of April. You don’t get much further east than us. Filey North Yorkshire
  6. Mr chips

    Your current weather.

    Another update now 104mm in seven days and still pouring down.
  7. Mr chips

    Your current weather.

    89 mm in the last 7 day’s. Filey. North Yorkshire . And still raining.
  8. Mr chips

    Bailey vs competition..

    We have just bought two Stewart’s this time. Very impressed with the build quality . Delivered early. Ride on the road is superb. GX18 and a GX16L👍
  9. Mr chips

    Your current weather.

    5mm in Filey
  10. Mr chips

    Your current weather.

    We are quarter of a mile.
  11. Mr chips

    Your current weather.

    Sea fret since 6pm last night . Wipers on. 15 deg. Combines cutting 5 miles inland.
  12. Mr chips

    Should we farm without N?

    We collect it from one shed another 3 going up on the same farm. Yes it is bigger than most in our area.
  13. Mr chips

    Should we farm without N?

    64’000 aprox
  14. Mr chips

    Potato haulm topper

    Yorkshire and Humber machinery had a very good Grimme for sale.
  15. Mr chips

    Fungicide anyone

    Our Cochise the same with yellow rust. Better DD after spring beans than after potatoes combi drilled.
  16. Mr chips

    Your current weather.

    21mm in 24hrs see us on nicely
  17. Mr chips

    Your current weather.

    Yes we have been lucky this year and got more rain than most.
  18. Mr chips

    Your current weather.

    7mm tonight in Filey .
  19. Mr chips

    Who's nicked all the rain out of a showery forecast????

    We have had 69mm in 11 days . 12 degrees and thick sea fog just clearing over the middle of the day.
  20. Mr chips

    Looking for cover crop for bees

    If you would like to pm me we could be able to help you out.