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    Wont suck cow

    She calved 3 days ago and calf would not suck at all. Tubed the calf first and now have it sucking the bottle. Her elder is massive and big tits and calf can't get them. He's keen now but no joy. How much milk should I be bottle feeding him to keep him hungry to suck her? What happens if it...
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    Power steering leak

    How do I stop it leaking here at this elbow. The nut is sealing ok against the pump, it is leaking inside the nut. The inner elbow tightens up if I turn it slightly further but then doesn't line up with the pipe. When I line it up with pipe it then leaks. This is a new pump.
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    Does porous fords require special coolant

    As above to prevent corrosion on 10 series fords, does it require special coolant or antifreeze and at what strength. Should it be mixed with rain water rather than tap water.
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    Massey 23c heater plug banjo bolt leaking

    Massey 35 4 cylinder and the banjo bolt on the heater plug keeps leaking. Changed copper washers and tried heating them to make them softer etc but can't get it to stop leaking. I've been looking online for the banjo bolt but I can't see it for sale anywhere or even get the part number for it...
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    Ford 4610 camshaft torque settings

    As above does anybody know what the camshaft pulley is torqued till and the 2 bolts behind the pulley that holds the camshaft in. I have a online manual but it would take a genius to understand their terminology and I dont want to get it wrong.
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    4 cylinder massey starter.

    What's the best/ fastest starter motor for a 23c massey to help starting as my old starter has seen better days.
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    6.00 -16 tyres equivalent for cattle trailer

    what modern tyre now would be the equivalent for an old 6.00-16 tyre on an old ifor williams cattle trailer
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    Is AI straws messed about with?

    Is the AI straws messed about with as in they take sexed semen out of it and leave the rest for normal straws. Good replacement always ends up a bull and good one for bull calves always ends up heifers. We've been looking bulls this past 3 years so used a good terminal bull and for 3 years in a...
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    How can anybody be bothered with charolais?

    The last 3 charolais calves we had all wouldn't suck the cows at birth. 2 different bulls. The last one was cavelands fenian. Born now 14 hours and still wont suck the cow. Itll suck her if i hold its head and turn the tit into her mouth and risk getting my brains knocked out but i cant hold it...
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    What colour of calf will a grey cow calf?

    As above. What influence has a grey cow on the colour of the calf. Will she throw most of them grey like herself?
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    Would a bale spike tip over a round bale.

    Didn't know how to word the title but the idea is to make a bale spike for the back of tractor. 2 spikes so it will carry a pallet but most importantly I need it to tip over the round bale The problem is my father is getting older and struggles to get on and off the tractor. Our normal routine...