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    Get it done, you won't look back. Like anything, if it's prepared well and cooked right, it will be delicious eating.
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    Lack of Small Abattoirs

    Unfortunately have had to stop (at least for the time being). We have 2 but both are an hour away. I was sending a trailer full of pigs for direct sale weekly and built a small sheep flock to add a few lambs to that. Availability of pig rearing land finally put a stop to the pigs after many many...
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    Jobs allied to farming

    If you are interested in livestock - butchery/meat processing.
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    trying to make living

    Ahhh, Ibiza 2006 — the good times 👍
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    vegan protests at marts

    Regular at our abattoir (monthly), or at least were. Hampshire.
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    Closing the Front Door

    Shouldn't they be writing their own haccp? There are templates readily available and it's an area that they will have to give the input to the manufacturering processes anyway to show they understand the processes?
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    Buying Top quality meat ? why so hard ?

    @curiouscustomer a brief reply but I don't think you should have much trouble finding that stuff. As with the picanha - you just need to find the right establishment for you. Any carcass butcher would have shin and flank you mentioned and if not I'm sure could get for you. Same with offal such...
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    Buying Top quality meat ? why so hard ?

    The meat trade - the job where you can never, ever win. Say that on a daily basis. Haha. If you ain't got it - they want it. If you got it - they don't.
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    Buying Top quality meat ? why so hard ?

    Maybe as its so popular there and there is demand for it. It is a great cut. What we must remember is that although yes the anatomy is all the same, there are soooo many different ways of cutting and names, that those in the cutting trade would always say there isn't a time where you stop...
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    Buying Top quality meat ? why so hard ?

    @Clive - you will be pleased to know that the ahdb meat quality course I went on, did indeed include a butchery demo on adding value/cutting the rump of beef differently, of course including the picanha. It's basically seam butchery to utilise the 3 different muscles in what would usually be a D...
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    Buying Top quality meat ? why so hard ?

    Trouble is there are so many different names for cuts and the cuts you are asking for are, as mentioned, bought in from abroad, very in trend and would really only be asked for from enthusiasts like yourself or myself - the people that are joining these groups/watching YouTube. We would be few...
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    Store lmb finish sold on a fat day. Why

    Quite. I did the meat quality event not long ago and thought it was very good and good value. You learn just as much just by talking to others in the industry as they do from you. Great knowledge transfer.
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    Selling direct is great but hard work and a long process, though very rewarding and for many, the only way they will turn a profit on the scale they are on. As you start building though, you can very quickly become a marketer/seller and not necessarily the practical farmer you once were and...
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    Store lmb finish sold on a fat day. Why

    Would think some that only sell live could do with... - A live to dead meet - Sending deadweight to get grades back once in a while - Doing a couple home kills, butchered by the local butcher for feedback on how they cut and so they can see the final product. I cut a few for various people...
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    12ft Livestock trailer

    Don't suppose you know how much those houghton trailers are (single deck)? Look well smart but sound pricey.
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    I want to write a regular farming blog.. ideas please !

    Good on you. I would say perhaps don't think what we on here want to see but perhaps write it for the general public - the more that can be taught positively the better. Perhaps contact the local paper and see if they will give you a little slot weekly/monthly. I thought about doing this myself...
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    How much freezer room for a cattle beast?

    Thankyou. I'm certainly no beef expert but sounds like the chuck eye from the chuck in front of the fore rib which would be best Braising but are fantastic steaks in their own right close to the rib of beef. Full of flavour and a hell of a lot cheaper. Thankyou - likely an old school or regional...
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    Does anyone manage their sheep enterprise

    Yes durocs are one of the better ones but "Hampshire" is our main genetics we use (in terms of meat eating quality) (no longer keeping pigs) - crossed with others, perhaps including the duroc, to provide a good all round functioning pig in terms of meat quality and functionality/commercial eg...
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    Does anyone manage their sheep enterprise

    Yes though not specifically with sheep - pigs - we work with the end product first (taste/tenderness) but want the commercial aspect eg growth/conformation to go alongside which can be done. It is kind of a lifelong goal I think, to find a breed/cross/system to provide what is considered to be...
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    How much freezer room for a cattle beast?

    Croft steak? - not heard of it and did a quick Google and can't find anything. Is it a regional term? I'm interested to know.