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  1. Happy hillbily

    Short nose county

    Sold £196,000. 😲😲😲
  2. Happy hillbily

    Petworth West Sussex to north wales

    I've 4 wheels need collecting from Petworth , West Sussex to north Wales. Their loaded on a pallet ready to go.
  3. Happy hillbily

    Electric fence enegisers

    Strip grazing the fields here throughout the season, i use a couple of Rutland 9v enegisers, an esb 137 and a very old 127. I've read to keep away from the button switched Rutland energizers, as they don't last. But as Rutland have been taken over I'm not sure if the new range. I've come acros...
  4. Happy hillbily

    Walkway for cleaning gutters

    Hopefully this year, I will be replacing an old hay shed. Living on top of a hill @1200ft it's a windy and have trees planted around the farm yard for shelter. Unfortunately lots of trees means lots of leaves come autumn, and gutter cleaning is something that gets done quite a few times in the...
  5. Happy hillbily

    Winterizing summer diesel

    I have about 1200 litres of summer diesel in the tank, probably won't get through it till February (depending what the weather will throw at us) so have bought 5 litres of this to add 1.2 litres to my tank Oh by the way, it's £21 cheaper to buy it through their shop on ebay than buying it...
  6. Happy hillbily

    Trx500 foreman valve clearences

    Daughter managed to lose the only key for the quad the other day. So as i am this deep into replacing the ignition switch and loom, does anyone know what the valve clearences are for a 2011 trx500 foreman, before I put everything back ? Thanks
  7. Happy hillbily

    JCB wiring plugs

    Anyone know where I could get some of these wiring plugs. Their off a 2001 JCB 520s, they plug into the back of the switches, I've tried Rs components, trawled the net, and tried my local auto sparks. I could just put spade connectors on the end of the loom, but if possible would like to sort...
  8. Happy hillbily

    Used ibc tanks

    Not sure where to put this. Seen on facebook earlier, a bit of a warning if using used ibc tanks for watering livestock.
  9. Happy hillbily

    Komatsu tracks

    I have an old komatsu pc60-5 here, dosn't do many hours year, but its a handy machine to have about the place. The track chains are shagged to say the least, with quite a few master pins, and some more with washers welded on the chains to stop the pins falling out ? (previous owners work) I am...
  10. Happy hillbily

    Jcb sh1te parts

    Just venting my anger again ! How the hell can Jcb claim to be a global force in manufacturing when their brake hoses cant even last a few months ! When the warranty is over on these set of hoses, im going elswhere. :mad::mad::mad: Feckin usless jcb Sh1t :mad::mad::mad:
  11. Happy hillbily

    Fleming bale carrier on front linkage

    Not sure if it was posted here on Tff, or on facebook, but i have seen a post where someone modified the top link bracket on a fleming single bale handler to get the geometry right on the front linkage, anyone got a link, as i cant find it. Thanks Happy hillbily
  12. Happy hillbily

    Young stock housing

    Looking for ideas for housing heifers. The old hay/sheep/heifer/calving shed, is on its last legs, litraly , 3 rotten wooden posts, 2 rotten metal posts, one rotten truss, leaks like a sive, and the round roofed part is holyer than the local church, so will need to be replaced asap. Inside is a...
  13. Happy hillbily

    Dual wheel accesories

    Just bought a pair of stocks stepdown duals, im in need of an extra two clamps, but also 8 eye nuts. I popped to my local tyre place, and i nearly fell over when he told me the price of stocks eye nuts, @ nearly £17 each. Anyone used bow nuts for the job ? Would they be strong enough (4 per...
  14. Happy hillbily

    Jcb brake pipes

    My jcb 520s has hub brakes, same as the old 526. Steel brake pipes to just above the axle, then hydraulic pipes to the hub to allow the axles to steer. I replaced all 4 last march after new ones supplied by jcb failed after a few months. Well one has just failed tonight, and the others dont look...
  15. Happy hillbily

    Hour clock still running with the ignition off

    As the title, my 2001 jcb 520s with the ignition off tonight the hour clock is still ticking away, if i remove the small wire off the altenator its stops, knackerd regulator ? , It still charges fine though
  16. Happy hillbily

    Carrying a long item in the back of a pickup

    What's the legal view of carrying a load in the back of a double cab pickup with the tailgate down ? I'm interested in a bucket that's 7 ft long, it will be a 200 mile round trip to fetch this bucket, mainly on motorways, and don't fancy hauling a trailer behind me, Ive had a measure of the...
  17. Happy hillbily

    What 4wd car

    Looking for a car for my elderly mum, she's 73 and has a bad knee, currently drives discovery td5, but my mum feels its too big and heavy for her, soslooking for a smaller vehicle. Due to her bad knee. She doesn't want a low car which would make getting in and out difficuilt, so having...
  18. Happy hillbily


    Due to a utilities company's sub contractor major fudge up, I have now been left with a strip of land to the side of their new track with sub and top soil mixed up and not a lot growing in patches :mad: We have decided the best way to sort this is to put 6" of topsoil on top of this 3m strip...
  19. Happy hillbily

    Big bale theft

    Just seen a post on Facebook about a farmer just over the Berwyn mountains in Llanwddyn has had 130 silage bales stolen from a field, taken between 4pm on Friday and 9 am on Saturday. Are farmers that desperate ?
  20. Happy hillbily

    MF 760 digger stolen

    A mate had his digger stolen last night clawdd newydd north Wales