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  1. J

    Air seat base?

    Are the ones sold by Agriline any good? got a tractor in need of a new base and dont fancy spending £600 on a genuine Grammer for a tractor that's only doing a couple of hundred hrs a year.
  2. J

    Sending something to the States?

    It looks like I've got to send the inverter for my wind turbine back to America for repairs, it's 70cm x 60cm x 25cm approx and I'm guessing about 100kg, anybody got any recomendations for carriers?
  3. J

    Bergey inverters?

    Any Bergey inverter experts out there? put new blades on our turbine last week and nothing is working, sparky says its the inverter which means sending it back to the States, a second opinion would be nice.
  4. J

    IBC tank fittings?

    Anybody know of an online source for a decent fittings ? bought a tap on ebay last year and it was shyte.
  5. J

    Welsh beef & lamb producers email?

    Got an email from the above asking me to open up a document to sign it, should I ?
  6. J

    Bergey blades?

    Anybody got a spare set?
  7. J

    Basic GPS.

    I'm looking for a basic gps, Raven Cruiser type of thing, anybody got one they dont use anymore?
  8. J

    Massey 6280 fuel gauge.

    The gauge is reading zero, if I earth the wires it goes up which I presume means the tank sender if faulty, but how do I tell if it's the top or bottom tank?
  9. J

    Tractor, Essex to Pembrokeshire.

    Located between Harwich and Clacton on sea, no massive panic.
  10. J

    12.4x46 rowcrop tyres.

    Looking for a price on a pair of 12.4x46 tyres + tubes.
  11. J

    Potato harvester, Banff area to the south!

    Got a potato harvester to move from the Banff area to, well anywhere south really, Linconshire would be good, West Wales eventually, no rush as far as i'm aware.
  12. J

    Grimme Variant/GZ.

    Thinking of changing my Variant for a GZ, main gripe with the Variant is the main web drive slipping, is a GZ going to be any better?
  13. J

    Megastar destoner

    Anybody got an old (but tidy) Megastar? got to have a boulder box.
  14. J

    Massey 3080 orbitral.

    Anyone got an orbitral to fit a 3080, probably the same on all the 3000 series, in gwo of course.
  15. J

    Claydon SR.

    Looking for a 3m Claydon SR drill.
  16. J

    Claydon drills?

    What are the differences between a Hybrid and an SR drill?
  17. J

    Vetch seed rate?

    Planning on putting some vetch in on my efa. I'm going to spin it on off the back of my short disc, what sort of seed rate would people use?
  18. J

    Bergey turbine?

    Does anyone know if there is a main importer of these into Britain? We seem to be dealing with a stream of idiots and chancers.:scratchhead:
  19. J

    MF 6480 pto?

    What holds the pto shaft in the back end? mine pulled out yesterday:whistle::unsure:, I'm assuming its going to be expensive.:(
  20. J

    Cheffins sale today?

    In Cambridgeshire, anyone going? would like to know what the Grimme harvester makes.