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  1. MrNoo

    Master Drier temp for beans

    What sort of temps are peeps using in C please, plenum temp and aimed for grain temp? I know not to cook them and it's a steady old process. Many thanks
  2. MrNoo

    Lynx Front weights

    Anyone else waiting for one?? Ordered April via my local NH mob and cant get any idea as to when it is due to arrive, frustrating is an understatement.
  3. MrNoo

    Infiltration Test

    Put in PP for a grain store 120x60 back in Jan (as near an "active" airfield, determination date was Friday just gone, they have come back and said I have to do an infiltration test, I am aware what it is but find it a bit odd. Is this normal to be asked for such? Site is Cotswold Brash so very...
  4. MrNoo

    HGV Overnight Parking

    I am on a group on Faceache about diesel theft/goods theft etc from artics and it seems rife at the moment, curtains slashed, tanks emptied over night etc etc, often in supposed secure parking areas. This got me thinking, we as farmers have large yards suitable for parking overnight (certainly...
  5. MrNoo

    Front wheel weight identification

    I have a load of front wheel weights, possibly some combine rear wheel weights too. Anyone recognise and Id them?
  6. MrNoo

    Vaddy Disc bearings

    I have been using the Agri Linc bearing hub assemblies of late but these seem to still go, are the genuine Vaddy bearings a better quality and as such last longer?
  7. MrNoo

    Latest date for Winter Beans??

    Got 2t of Tundra and a field I never managed to get drilled in the Autumn, just about dry enough to get the drill out, is it too late? Guess up the seedrate and bang them in? Know of some locally planted two weeks ago on drier ground. Thoughts??
  8. MrNoo

    Quali's for 2022 National

    Assuming this years goes ahead, how are they planning on deciding who is going to next years, no, spring quali matches so far and limited Autumn matches at the moment. An interesting one!
  9. MrNoo

    Vaddy front pivot packer

    Anyone had issue with the two main shafts seizing up (the ones that the wheels are bolted too) and tips or tricks to unseize them, got one that moves ever so slightly but other is tight. Would a press push them out? Dont really want to start cutting them out.
  10. MrNoo

    Vad Rapid 3m Box drill Tramline Clutch

    Has anyone had to take one out/change one, is it a big job? I assume you have to take the complete seed metering shaft out?? Got one packed up and am about to overhaul the old girl.
  11. MrNoo

    Decommissioning Security Sum Solar

    What sort of figure would you be looking at/expecting to cover this per acre?? Just going through the lease and think they are trying to lift my leg. Site would be pile driven and two access tracks plus hardstanding for bat storage, I know it's a how long is a piece of string question but...
  12. MrNoo

    4m Freeflow

    After a 4m Freeflow if anyone has one sat in a hedge or shed.
  13. MrNoo

    No more than 6

    Guess that has well and truly put a stop to matches now? Although I note that BASC reckon that shooting will still go ahead, what a balls up.
  14. MrNoo

    Letter of wishes

    Have an executor saying that a letter of wishes doesnt exist when I know full well it does or certainly did, as was told of various people who would benefit from it by the person who died. It would be my father's letter. I am right in that the executor doesnt have to share the details of what is...
  15. MrNoo

    John Deere combine on Twitter

    Did anyone see the brand new JD combine on Twitter, where the driver of the lorry that was transporting it had it fall off yesterday, it was put back on and apparently he lost it again today, write off. Not sure how to post Twitter stuff on here. Poor chap!!! Will add it was in the USA before...
  16. MrNoo

    British National Cancelled

    See on their FB page and on match ploughing page of FB it is postponed until next year, same venue. I guess it's the "paying" public that is the issue. I can go to a pub but not a ploughing match. Guess with such a large event it must be a nightmare to try and organise in light of the virus.
  17. MrNoo


    Walking the dogs this eve, WW is stuffed full of them, clouds and clouds, struggled to not breath them in. Skyfall so not stressed but they werent there yesterday.
  18. MrNoo


    Well, 3 people that I know of who were stupid enough to go have come down with it today, guess with 5-14 days time period they'll be the first of many. They were quite happy to be going to pubs etc this week by all accounts, so will be interesting to see who else locally succumbs. Why are some...
  19. MrNoo

    2020 Nationals

    Yea or Nea? I suspect we will still be in the grip of this dreaded virus, will we get anymore ploughing matches in this year??
  20. MrNoo

    Chem availability

    Where are we going to go as regards this, with most of EU shut down already, I suspect this may become an issue. Any news from suppliers??