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    MF165- cooling system parts

    I'm renewing the radiator on my MF 165 together with water pump and all hoses. Where would be the best place to buy from. I have heard anecdotal accounts that some new radiators from certain suppliers are appalling for fit. So I just want from recent experience the best place to buy a radiator from.
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    Massey Ferguson at the South Pole

    In the news today a Dutch explorer has driven to the South Pole in a tractor. I wonder how much had to be amended to drive in those temperatures
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    IOS 8 on IPAD2 problems with TFF

    I've loaded IOS 8 on an IPAD2 and now when on TFF via Safari I am unable to open any video (you tube) content on any posts. Has anyone else had this problem and is there any workaround or solutions.