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  1. rusty

    New telehandler time

    RVT at Sudbury are dealers, not that close I know. My Landlord at Buxton Phil Heathcote now has 2 Kramers that he swapped out from JCB's and he's really pleased with them.
  2. rusty

    The A50

    The old Amelca-Dairy Crest - Muller plant at Foston on the side of the A50 didn't fare to well!
  3. rusty


    Yes that's Roger's. Think it might be him driving in the photo. They still run at least one of them, I think they had three At one time.
  4. rusty

    Feeding wheat to cows.

    If you go down the caustic route be very careful handling it as it's quite nasty once it hits moisture.
  5. rusty


    One of my landlords had this on the back of his low loader wagon. It was my 14 year old daughter who told me what it stood for! Do I look like I give a F*ck .
  6. rusty

    Winter shed rent

    I have rented a shed out in the past and just do a set amount for the winter rather than complicating it by so much per head per week. It can be difficult to keep track of if stock numbers change often.
  7. rusty


    Arla farmers had an email telling them not to engage on social media with these pillocks . Like Sid has said, don't give them any Oxygen for their social media.
  8. rusty

    Stolen gps systems Worcestershire.

    Yes, it's a 30 second job to unclip it from the roof. The clever bit is getting back down in one piece after climbing on the bonnet to get it off.
  9. rusty

    Reputable solar installer recommendations

    I used Brookfield renewables to sort out my 50kw system that was poorly installed and was very happy with what they did. Turned up on the day they said they would and came in less than the original quote after they worked out a way of using less power cable once they were on site.
  10. rusty

    Stolen gps systems Worcestershire.

    When had a letter from our John Deere dealer a few weeks ago saying that if you gps gear got nicked they would currently struggle to replace it. I have now PIN protected our 6000 dome but it wouldn't probably stop it getting stolen.
  11. rusty

    Buildings costs

    When I put up my 120' by 180' cow cubicle building in 2005 the shed cost was reduced by 10%(10k) by having 2 rows of support steels for the roof down the lines of head to head cubicles. This allowed lighter steel to be used due to the extra support from the additional legs.
  12. rusty

    dealer bill for fitting new fuel line on JD 130r

    My 18 month old 130R had no 1 or 2 fuel line crack about 3 months ago. Our local dealers did it for free as they said it was a known problem with them. No extended warranty on mine, just the standard 12 months.
  13. rusty

    Sustainable Farming Incentive Deadline Looming

    It doesn't instill you with confidence when they can't even decide when the closing date is!
  14. rusty

    Autumn manure banned

    I spoke to a mate who used to work for the EA and he said they have not done a 'regulatory impact assessment ' for this proposal so they can't legally enforce it. Muck gone on stubble's as normal here this autumn.
  15. rusty

    Sustainable Farming Incentive Deadline Looming

    I have registered for the pilot. We are predominantly grass with some whole crop wheat, grazing based dairy. Despite rotational grazing , direct drilling grass reseeds the grasslands standards are a none starter. The mid level requires 1st cut at the end of May and then second cut at least 8...
  16. rusty

    Peak District

    It was great to see and speak to another forum member in person. 6:00am is a new record for the earliest farm tour I have ever given!
  17. rusty

    Peak District

    I farm about 5 miles away from Hartington. We are on the Limestone plateau that stretches from just north of Ashbourne up to Buxton. It's mostly around 1000' above sea level and all classified as severely disadvantaged ground. However it's very productive Grassland with not a lot of trees and...
  18. rusty

    How much money is there in dairy farming?

    What ever system you run the key points I think for profitability are getting as much high quality forage in front of the cows as possible because it's usually a lot cheaper than concentrates and alternative feeds. Don't get side tracked by lots of the crap that salesmen try and flog you. If you...
  19. rusty

    Dairy Farm For Sale

    It's a high farm, about 1300' . He did multicut silage successfully starting late April early May. He was doing quite a bit of overseeding with a Moore to keep the leys in very good order. I think the farm did sell quite quickly but the buyers pulled out due to unforeseen health problems.
  20. rusty

    Dairy Farm For Sale

    The farm had an Arla contract. I am not sure if that is available to whoever buys the farm as he is still using the contract on his new farm. Other buyers in the area would be Meadow Foods, Jacksons( local middle ground dairy) possibly First Milk or Yew Tree. The area you have circled is where...