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    Help before husband finds out!

    Accidently knocked hose off wear hydraulic hose connects to ram to activate pin on headstock, should these be the same height or do i need to screw something out the thread???
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    H & s check before feed delivery

    Has anybody else had to have a health and safety visit before feed can be delivered?? Had a phone call this morning to say h & s will be here at 12.30 before 4tonne of ewe feed can be delivered.( The same company have delivered here in the past)
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    Remote control combine

    Smyths toy store have remote control class combines reduced from £60 to £35.
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    Lidl waterproofs.

    Lidl have got the waterproof fleece lined dungarees back in stock, £5.99 machine washable and have reflective strips on and adjustable straps and sides. My son has had a pair and they are absolutely brilliant. Had pink, orange, blue and grey. They don't have them in very often so thought I would...
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    South devon heifer weights

    I weighed our 2 year old heifers today they averaged 640kg, only ever been fed grass wormed twice. Does this sound around the correct weight?, 20 in the group. Thinking I maybe should be putting them to the bull a year earlier at that size.
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    Situation Vacant Student required

    We are a mixed farm In Essex running a contracting business. A student is required for the year or summer. Main duties will be silage carting, grain carting, bale carting. Please email [email protected] for more details
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    The bulls are out!

    The phone Call everyone dreads from the neighbours! I think your cows are in my garden, only to find it's worse and it's a yard off bulls!?