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  1. Adeptandy


    In urgent need of one of these or a pointer to where I can get parts please
  2. Adeptandy


    Anyone else disappointed with there Skyfall this year ? First wheats struggling to do 7.5t/ha, good plant, 76 bushel weight, but really short ears. Heard yesterday the local Hutchinson's trial site it wasn't the best either but seen no info to confirm.
  3. Adeptandy

    Opico 580 LPG Dryer

    As above, anyone know the Kw output of the 12t model, need to size the tank. Thanks
  4. Adeptandy

    Wigton, Cumbria

    Anyone close to Wigton to drop in and see if a piece of machinery exists and isn't about to fall apart before I pay for it please, or to save a trip knows the person selling ?
  5. Adeptandy

    Combine curse continues

    So, escape from the MF and go Claas, surely can’t be a bad move. Assured by the vendor all was good and been checked over by a recognised company pre sale as he wanted it sold in full working order. Hmm, what a mug I was, hooked header on, get to the field, switch auto contour on, header drops...
  6. Adeptandy

    Cover Crops

    Other than Kings where do I source cover crop mixes from or can I buy separate and mix myself ? :unsure:
  7. Adeptandy

    Rent Review

    Just curious, a rent review notice served to come into force for the Oct 21 rent, what happens if no negotiations are started ? Does that conclude that the rent is then as before for the next 3 years ? Or can the LL serve another notice ?
  8. Adeptandy


    Struggling to make the figures stack up on wether to have some more drainage done. Council Farm tenant and anything done to improve the farm carries a 8% charge of capital cost into the rent. Laat year had a 15 acre field drained at close to £14k cost so just over £1k added to the rent. That...
  9. Adeptandy

    S Oats or S Linseed

    Between the devil and the deep, have Oats and Linseed to drill, but a field of OSR that was destined to be sprayed off has got to the stage its now worth keeping. So need to cut one of the crops areas. As I've grown neither in the past its a coin toss unless the collective wisdom of TFF can...
  10. Adeptandy

    Class Lexion

    Looking like I might be in the market for a combine. Current options ( due to budget and whats available ) are 570+ or a 570C don't want to go wider than 7.5m header, ideally Vario just in case I get OSR to grow in the future. Your thoughts please
  11. Adeptandy

    What to do with a damp patch.

    A couple of dry days and the lakes are starting to recede. Birds are singing and thoughts are turning to spring. So what are your plans for the flooded area's ? Leave them, plant a cover or patch in a spring crop of similar type ?
  12. Adeptandy

    Seed Bean contract

    Any pro's and how many con's on this job ? Appreciate the seed's more expensive and the premium I understand isn't that great, but s it worth it :unsure:
  13. Adeptandy

    Winter Linseed

    Is it to late to drill it now ?
  14. Adeptandy

    Horsch CO

    Debating looking at a Horsch Co that's done quite a bit of work by the looks of the pictures, other than frame cracks anything else that would be costly or time absorbing to repair to look out for ?
  15. Adeptandy

    Grain dryers

    Really could do with one, but undecided on what to go for. Have sheds, but no drying facilities, but have got a dresser to patch in. As easy to use as possible as I'm on my own. Crops, Wheat, Barley, Beans, OSR ( 🤞) Linseed, may head towards a few more niche crops once set up. Budget isn't...
  16. Adeptandy

    What mix ?

    Spent an interesting afternoon digging holes yesterday around the farm looking at soil structure. On the whole the farm is at the OK stage to start DD properly. Just have a couple of fields that would benefit from a cover crop to break up the top 4" that were ploughed last year in a desperation...
  17. Adeptandy

    Weaving GD trailed

    Going to look at a trailed grain/Fert GD 2015 vintage, what do I need to look out for, with one of this age ? Will it need any upgrades ?
  18. Adeptandy

    3 Phase

    What sort of power requirements will I need to run a 10-15 tph continuous flow grain dryer. UK Power networks in tomorrow morning to think of a number, multiply it by three then add the noughts :nailbiting:
  19. Adeptandy

    Evasive visitor

    I maybe could have handled this better, but I'm a pretty good judge of character generally and this one I reacted to very quickly. Chap turned up in the yard, ( we're 1/2 a mile off the main road and its a dead end once here ) nice shiny black newish car, well dressed, asking to speak to a...
  20. Adeptandy

    CA without Glyphosate

    First year of DD and looking at spending ( for me ) a considerable amount of £ on a drill, but as I'm a novice at it, I'm reliant on Glysophate for pre drilling cleanup due to bad BG infestation. If it goes in 2 years what are the plans to replace or get round the issue ?