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  1. George from SJM Planning

    Contractor for Smallholding - West Wales

    Hi all, We have a smallholding near New Quay and have 2.5ac (across 3 paddocks) that need cutting for hay. We have previously been able to cut and turn ourselves and contract for baling but this year we haven't got a mower so can only turn and row up. Can anyone recommend someone to mow and...
  2. George from SJM Planning

    Land Price West Wales

    Hi all, Looking to make an offer on some grazing land in West Wales and I have been asked to make the initial offer but don't know where to start. The land is 4ac and has only been used for cattle grazing, it has never been cropped, it is wet throughout the winter and needs new boundary...
  3. George from SJM Planning

    Replacement Pickup Wings

    My old 55 plate ford ranger is mechanically solid but is suffering from tin worm. Need to replace the two front wings, where would I get new wings from?
  4. George from SJM Planning

    Hill Rador Starter Flock

    My sister has moved in with my dad since I've moved out and she wants to replace my Dorset's and Kerry's with Hill Rador's. I've no problem with that as I don't have the time to look after them. Can anyone recommend a breeder in West Wales who might be able to supply a few breeders?
  5. George from SJM Planning

    Looking for 4 bed house with annexe

    Hi all, Tentatively looking to move and might need to bring my in-laws along for the ride so need to find a family home that has a (minimum) two bed annexe or second dwelling on site or within walking distance. Would prefer a couple of acres of grazing and outbuildings if possible but not...
  6. George from SJM Planning

    Round Bale Mover for MF135

    Hi all, Personally I have no idea on machinery so please treat me as an idiot. My in-laws had 4ac baled about 10 days ago. Unfortunately the weather window curtailed the drying time and rather than small bale hay they normally have it was baled and wrapped as big bale haulage. We now have 11...
  7. George from SJM Planning

    Toddler Waterproofs

    Hi all, Our little farmer (9 months) is starting to get about and I want to get her dressed up for the farm. I seem to remember seeing all in one waterproof suits with intergrated boots, can anyone point me towards a supplier please. Thanks
  8. George from SJM Planning

    Changing Planning Policy for Derelict Farmsteads

    I am considering writing a report to try to encourage the powers that be to look at the national and local planning policies thst are currently restricting the rejuvenation of derelict farmsteads. Here in West Wales there are many examples of smaller farmsteads that have been left to ruin back...
  9. George from SJM Planning

    Rural Building Conversion Opportunities

    Here at SJM Planning we are currently working on several rural building conversions, whether it is agricultural to residential under Class Q, the repurposing of redundant rural buildings within AONB's or seeking alternative uses for derelict structures in the countryside. We are looking for...
  10. George from SJM Planning

    Agricultural Building Conversion

    I just thought I would share this one with you as possible inspiration as to what your underused or abandoned barns could become. This is an application we ( had approved in May last year; we have now got Building Control approval and construction is in progress. The reason...
  11. George from SJM Planning

    Why use a planning consultant?

    Recent changes in planning legislation by government have been made in order to simplify the planning regime. In reality these changes have made the system even more complex and it can be challenging for somebody with no experience or planning background to negotiate their way through the...
  12. George from SJM Planning

    Lambing and Pregnancy

    A bit of advice please. My dad and I have a small flock of sheep and are lambing at the moment; the sheep are at my dad's and I go over a couple of times a week to help when he has to go to work. My wife is 6 months pregnant and I know there are risks about lambing and pregnancy but what sort...
  13. George from SJM Planning

    Help with a Silo

    Hi All, A client is looking at /buying a couple of containers like these 85ton ones. Can anyone advise on the rough dimensions of these
  14. George from SJM Planning

    Trailer Sales - Brecon

    Does anyone know of a chap called Ryan Watkins who sells trailers on Facebook? I'm considering making a trip to Brecon to look at a trailer but wanted to know if anyone knew of him.
  15. George from SJM Planning

    Ifor Williams Parts

    I am not mechanically minded at all so please don't assume I know anything at all when replying! My dad had an accident with our 1989 TA5 (land rover wheel type) and according to dad's mechanic (not some one I would use) he has damaged the stub axle and it needs replacing, but he can't find...
  16. George from SJM Planning

    Official Forage Statistics

    I know the number of bales per acre is like how long is a piece of string but I need to justify the need for a new agricultural building for a client. The main need is for the storage of hay/haylage cut from 17 acres plus an area for implement storage. When I recently applied for one for...
  17. George from SJM Planning

    Stocking Numbers (Sheep)

    I am currently preparing a planning application for a client and the LPA are arguing the building is too big for the number of sheep he intends on keeping. Does anyone know of any official documentation from either a study or NFU or the like that could be used as evidence to highlight the...
  18. George from SJM Planning

    Massey Ferguson 135 IBC Carrier

    Hi all, My fiancee's family keep horses and they are on rented fields without water supplies. For the past 15 years they have taken water out to them in jerry cans in the back of the Terrano until I showed up and showed them the setup I have for my she'll with IBC's mounted in the fields. I...
  19. George from SJM Planning

    EA Exemption for bringing material onto farm

    Hi All, A client has asked me to look into the rules, regulations, exemptions etc involved in bringing subsoil / topsoil onto his farm from a non-agricultural origin to fill undulations in his land. I know many of you will just say JFDI but he has some very up-tight neighbours and want's to...
  20. George from SJM Planning

    Scouring Diagnosis

    In general my sheep keep themselves fairly regular when it comes to their toilet matters but occasionally a ewe will start scouring for no obvious reason. Is there any tell tale signs of what could be causing it and/or what is the proper treatment?