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    Pig based plastic waste recycling

    Hi, Hampshire based. I have an amount of material I need collecting off a farm - largely polypipe (which I am breaking up into small lengths), plastic drinkers (ex dairy iodine tubs etc), plastic feed hoppers and such like. Any suggestions on who's best to use and how it needs to be packed...
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    Trailer - Oakley, Basingstoke - Camborne, Cornwall

    Hi, Requesting on behalf of a family member for a quote to pick up a trailer (I think it's the basis of building a shepherds hut) from Oakley, Basingstoke, RG237ED to Camborne, Cornwall, TR140ED He says ideally a low loader so it can be pushed on with tractor etc. but could potentially look...
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    Other Trailers: Other -

    Other Trailers: Other - Category: Other Trailers Manufacturer: Other Price: £1000 Condition: Used Description: Water bowser, 1000 gallons (?), used for outdoor pigs, built for us but no longer used due to reduced stock numbers. Images: See the full size images for this listing on the...
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    Bacon Slicer

    Avery Berkel Bacon Slicer. Seen better days but was used up until the day it was replaced. In need of a good service/paint etc. to conform to Environmental Health standards (fine for home use). A good little project to tart up for commercial/home use or as a show piece. £200.
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    Retail Lamb Flock.

    Hi guys. Looking for some advice as can't quite work how to go about this. I only have a small flock as a sideline/hobby business I was hoping to grow on various bits of small fields but am not going to put any ewes to the tup this year for various reasons and don't think I can expand to the...
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    50 store pigs/month

    Hi Looking for a regular supplier (short term definitely and potentially long term) of 50 store pigs per month (600 plus per year). Must be Hampshire cross (preferably 50%+ Hampshire) Must be 25kg plus to be finished outdoors/free-range on a single diet. Preferably within an hour or so of our...
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    Quirky/Different ideas for farm shop.

    Hi, So we have a farm shop built and will be soon to open. Just wondering whether there are any tips from existing farm shop owners or from customers/visitors to farm shops of things that work really well and were a bit different but really stood out and were memorable. Not necessarily looking...
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    Toyota Hilux or Isuzu Rodeo

    Hi there, Need to rapidly replace my land-rover discovery before it goes bang apparently - cost me a fortune over recent years so looking to spend a bit more this time (on the initial outlay - not the repairs) . Found a couple of trucks I would like to view over the next couple of days...
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    Sheep (lambs) & barley stubble

    Hi. Every year I get offered the access to barley stubble to put sheep on from a good farmer friend of mine. He used to have someone bring lorry loads he says to run over it and seems keen for me to do the same. We have not met to discuss details yet so may re erect this thread in new year...
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    Country School - Farming? - No Thanks!

    A bit of a rant I guess as I was a bit disheartened by this. So... I took on some extra local grazing for sheep and one of the fields joins on to a primary school playground (I went there long ago and my much younger sister goes there now). I need to use the grass at the moment for ewes with...
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    Livestock Handling Equipment: Hudson -

    Livestock Handling Equipment: Hudson - Category: Livestock Handling Equipment Manufacturer: Hudson Price: Price on application Condition: Used Description: Pig finishing accommodation. Hudson barn finishing pens in situ on concrete. 8 bays - housing with outdoor run and scrape through...
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    Livestock Handling Equipment: Other -

    Livestock Handling Equipment: Other - Category: Livestock Handling Equipment Manufacturer: Other Price: Price on application Condition: Used Description: Approx 30 pig farrowing arks of mixed condition. Some ready to use, some need basic repair. Will not sell in 1's or 2's but will split...
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    Neighbours sheep invasion

    Hi, Just wondering what others do when another flock breaks out into your flock? Fairly new to sheep and trying to build up a flock and reputation and this is the first time this has happened and obviously I'm relieved it's not the other way round. He is going to sort out my fencing and...