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  1. Michael S

    Problem getting IP address assigned on Ubiquiti AP

    I have just put together a point to point wifi to take our internet access to various parts of my farm yard. I have used Ubiquiti M5 Nanostations for the point to point parts and Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LR access points. My first jump from the house to the workshop works exactly as hoped and no problem...
  2. Michael S

    Getting new seed pipes onto Accord tramliners

    We are repurposing an Accord seed hopper but struggling to get the new pipes onto the tramliners. The outlets are much bigger than the ones on the distribution head. We have tried the usual tricks of hot air gun and boiling water. Our best effort has split the pipe. Anyone got the know how?
  3. Michael S

    HPI etc mileage checks

    Are these services reliable? I have recently been to look at a 2011 car that shows about 83,000 miles which corresponds with current MOT and checks out on three different mileage checking services as OK. However one shows that a DVLA record in 2014 as 46,000 miles but the corresponding MOT as...
  4. Michael S

    Situation Vacant Harvest workers required in Essex July to September 2021

    Harvest workers required for 2021 harvest on 2,000 acre farm in West Essex. The farm specialises in herbage seed production as well as growing wheat, OSR, linseed, peas and beans. The job is to start at the beginning of July and to finish early September (dates to be arranged with you). The...
  5. Michael S

    Spring drilling on the green?

    What are people's thoughts on drilling on the green into cover crops in the spring? I get the impression that the feeling is that it doesn't work well in general under normal UK conditions?
  6. Michael S

    Pea aphids, when to spray or not.

    In common with others I am getting less keen on the use of insecticides. My independent agronomist of 30 odd years is keen for me to apply an insecticide mix for the control of aphids in my peas. For those who have given up insecticide spraying is it just a case of "sucking up" the pain in the...
  7. Michael S

    BYDV, the green bridge, cover cropping and no till?

    Given the absence of Deter and that most of us are looking to minimise the use of foliar insecticides and the general acceptance that no till establishment of crops is best done sooner rather than later what is the best way to square the circle where the CA principle is always having a growing...
  8. Michael S

    Fuel problems

    Apologies if I've missed this being discussed already but how many people have had diesel (filter) issues this autumn? Fairly widely there have been a lot of people having problems with blocked fuel filters particularly with, but not exclusively, Claas combines, JD tractors and seemingly...
  9. Michael S

    FYM and DD

    We do a muck for straw deal with a local pig farm, been going for over 30 years, should I Vaddy Carrier in the muck and drill a cover or drill the cover and put the FYM on after and not incorporate?
  10. Michael S

    Moling and DD

    Got a field I want to mole and sow overwinter cover crop in. Not yet cleared, should I drill the cover and worry about the moling later or get on with the moling first?
  11. Michael S

    Krone 4m mower slip clutch

    We seem to have problems every year with the slip clutch on our Krone Easymow 400, a mounted 4m disc mower. Our use is slightly untypical in that we are using it to mow herbage seed stubbles that have been stripped by the combine. Today we have burnt out two clutches despite operating at 8km/hr...
  12. Michael S

    Slurry flow meters

    A combination of a meeting I went to today and round 2 of the small productivity grant has made me think I should be thinking about fitting a flow meter to my tanker (with trailing hose boom) to measure application rate. What's good in peoples experience?
  13. Michael S

    Lely Centreliner problem

    My Centerliner will open hydraulically, but won't close. I have changed the ram, the old one was very stiff, but the problem remains. Tried a different spool valve and a different tractor but no different. Is there something going on with the fittings at the tractor end of the pipe - there as a...
  14. Michael S

    What Hedgecutter?

    As the title, what's hot and what's not. Currently have Spearhead 686 VFR that is showing its age, although improving parts seem to take forever to come. With the September 1st start date we need a hedgecutter that works 7 days a week, not just 3. Would definitely stick with linkage mounting...
  15. Michael S

    Laser bird scarers

    Anybody got one and if so is it money well spent? Michael
  16. Michael S

    Wet straw

    Could do with advice from those who have more experience in this matter. We laid down rows behind our 35ft Claas 760 last saturday. Baler came in sunday but got rained off before a third done. Since then had 50mm rain and no sign of a settled run forecast; currently still dry on the bottom, dry...
  17. Michael S

    Zip-Till anyone?

    Just wondered whether anyone out there is a running a Mzuri Zip-Till and how they had got on with it? Michael
  18. Michael S

    How much memory do you need in an iPhone

    Two family members can't resist being "i"similated and I was wondering how much RAM you really need on an iPhone? The 6 seems to come in 16, 64 and 128GB flavours, the 5S is available in 16 and 32GB. Is the 16 enough if you don't fill it with music and films or if it shares an iCloud account...