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    "Insulate Britain" try to close down the M25
  2. JP1

    More hype from The Guardian and Friends of the Earth

    Still trying to tar us all with the same brush
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    Four Galloway cows and two young calves Dumfries to Suffolk October

    As above . Exact time flexible as long as there's some notice to get cattle in at consigning end. Calves probably need parting
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    Tripadvisor : Adam Henson responds to a minority posting low scores for his Cotswold Farm park
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    Anyone hear Archie Norman Marks and Spencers on R4 this morning ? Marks and Spencers wagons going to Northern Ireland typically have to have 3 booklets with 720 pages of documentation M&S emply 30 vets currently not on food...
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    Jeremy's Treibewagen

    A few photos at the start showing @the-mad-welder 's handiwork (and my rubbish paint work) Just like my crush, P can take a basic sketch by me for what I want and make it happen More photos over the coming weeks
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    Gove and Vine separate

    Nobody else involved according to Cabinet Office statement (if you discount his ego )
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    Sliding door running gear

    I'd like to make two tracks on a new building ; 7,4m long each track supporting a door in steel box frame and timber clad 3700mm wide x 2300mm tall that can pass each other so one bay or the other of a little timber building can be open (or both locked closed) No real weight to the doors...
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    Best farming general purpose motorcycle helmet

    So I have an ATV skull cap and a full face motorbike helmet with front flip facility For very local road work I'd like a road legal helmet ideally with better hearing ability for near the stock that I could wear equally on a quad or a future little bike Any suggestions please?
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    Young bull CO10 to NE19 ideally next week

    Anyone got space / travelling Hexham way ? Can trailer to meeting point within reason
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    Northern Irish vet dies in quad bike accident

    Tragic, RIP
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    Young Belted Galloway bull for sale

    TwoMills Julian Spicer: Young proven pedigree black and white Belted Galloway bull for sale 22 months old. First progeny can be seen By Gruige Firestorm out of Stonehouse Christabelle 816 Red gene carrier. TB4 . SAC Premium Health Scheme Based Suffolk . Jeremy Perkins 07768 008880
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    David Cameron ex PM in front of the Greensit Capital Committee

    Guilty ? Plausible performance?
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    North of England farmer forced to quit dairy farming after disaster linked to liquid fertiliser

    Awful @Kevtherev
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    Shearwell tagging pliers (cattle)

    Rather annoyingly I've mislaid my Shearwell tagging pliers. I've a new long pin set ready for the new tags. I've got about half a dozen of the old tags to use. If I'm gentle with the pressure can I use the new long pin pliers on the old tags?
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    Charity bike ride Lands End to John O’Groats

    I hope you’ll bear with me posting in this section to get maximum coverage Our Workshop Manager is cycling the length of the Country for two worthy causes in September Frank Barrett’s route for his charity bike ride in September from Lands End to John O’Groats . Many thanks to all those who...
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    Suckler cow rolls East England

    Just been informed Mole Country Stores are discontinuing bagged suckler cow rolls (not nuts) Any suggestions for an alternative supplier please?
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    Kennel Club spokesman says farmers should help stop sheep worrying by making gaps in fences and gates secure .........

    Heard this chap sympathising with farmers but saying we can help ourselves by "securing gaps in gates and fences" to help prevent sheep worrying ; played once in the week on the radio and again on BBC Farming Today Surely if the gates and gaps were not secure the lambs would get out the other...
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    Price hikes

    Raw materials in every sector seem to be facing global shortages with consequent price rises I've heard Covid, Brexit and various embargoes with timber etc but it's across the board; sometimes even affecting material stocks at any price Recently timber for our catwalks have jumped 40+% and...