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  1. Av Gorritt

    local forecast .

    It used to be possible to ring the local airport "Manchester Ringway" and ask for the met office there . You then asked for a "Farmer's Forecast " . Usually , a cheery sort of chap would say "Thinking of mowing a bit then Where are you ?" You would then get a positive or negative reply along...
  2. Av Gorritt

    JCB hydraulic pump

    We have an old JCB loadall 520/50 that we use as a standby loader . The hyd. pump has got quite tired and with the oil warmed up will only very reluctantly operate . The pump is off and I think the JCB no. is 20/908100 . Suggestions for the best place for a replacement/ service pump would be...
  3. Av Gorritt

    smartphone locked

    I see there's an offer on S10 smartphones but they are locked to either vodafone or EE . Is this permanent , or could one be changed on to giff gaff if necessary ? My S9 is just looking a bit weary . I'm not worried about the better camera - I'm happy with the one on S9 , so would it be a...
  4. Av Gorritt

    Morrisons and carbon neutral

    Did I read somewhere that Morrisons were going to make all their meat suppliers become carbon neutral in the very near future ? Or did I have another senior moment . I don't see how that could be made to work , considering that not all of their meat is UK sourced . Their retail outlets might...
  5. Av Gorritt

    Shop bought eggs

    I bought 2 half dozen packs of "Organic free range " eggs earlier this week . I was absolutely gobsmacked when I opened them . I don't really know why , but I was -- They were WHITE . Nothing wrong with that of course , but I was simply expecting brown ! All to do with marketing I think . In...
  6. Av Gorritt

    Covid jab

    Had my second covid jab today , no problems , and they were quite well organised - still I suppose by now they will have had enough practice . Pfizer - biotech . It must have been the real "oldies" day today . Quite apart from the obvious benefits to attending the clinic , I have to say I...
  7. Av Gorritt

    Spring ?

    Apart from a little bit if grass greening up , I think I have the first certain signs of Spring . I always seem to have a few Red admiral butterflies that overwinter in my office ( well, what I laughingly call "My office") I'm not sure whether they overwinter as pupae or some other state ...
  8. Av Gorritt

    P C cleaner

    I committed the ultimate silly sin of accidentally installing the above programme , in the belief that it was C.C cleaner renamed ! It wasn't , and it sits there in the bottom right hand corner on my screen , apparently immovable . When I realised what I'd done , I went into "all Programmes "...
  9. Av Gorritt

    Carbon footprint

    I know a farmer who is sending artic trailers 200 miles each way (400 round trip ), to get beet pulp for a digester . I wonder how that stacks up carbon footprint- wise ? Or economically ? Would it be viable without the subsidy ?
  10. Av Gorritt

    Vitamin D

    I had a message from the NHS today saying that people who are in the vulnerable age group , and who are self isolating , are probably going short on the sunshine vitamin "D" , and would be advised to take a vitamin supplement . I've no idea where it's been until now , I think it should have...
  11. Av Gorritt

    Replacement printer .

    I'm currently using an HP officejet pro 6970 multi purpose inkjet printer , and a Brother colour laser HL 4150 CDN for general printing . The HP has gone T$ts-up and despite my efforts with HP print doctor and the HP support forum , I've had no success in fixing it . I'm now looking to bite...
  12. Av Gorritt

    Freeview set top box

    Couple of questions from a (very ) silver surfer . 1) I have a flat screen LG telly , connects to my wi fi no problem . how can I tell if this is freeview compat ? 2) if it isn't , I see set top freeview boxes from sub £20.00 to £200.00 + , difference presumably because of the recording...
  13. Av Gorritt

    txt file extensions

    I've just had a message in my in box with 12 attachments , all of them photos of work being carried out .(I'm told )All very well , except I can't open the files . they're headed Att 0001. txt and att 0002. txt , in sequence up to 12 . I'd be very grateful of a little help/ advice in how to...
  14. Av Gorritt


    Every now and then I get a black box comes up in the right hand upper corner of my screen , telling me I've gone incognito ! . I would like to know what I do that triggers this and how to avoid it . I'm using Google Chrome I'm not doing anything that I would be embarrassed to admit to , -- so...
  15. Av Gorritt

    push notifications

    What are these push notifications that the baseline of my computer keeps telling me about? Wanting permission for enable them . Should I ?
  16. Av Gorritt

    Opening TFF page

    Whenever I start Tff it always starts at "Agricultural matters -- Is this the first round baler " post by BobK Aug 20 . It isn't really a problem , but why does it not start at the home page ant more ?
  17. Av Gorritt

    1 TB portable USB SSD

    Where is the best source for 2 of these for PC back up purposes . Toshiba - Samsung or what ?? They seem to vary between £40 ish to £300 ish (or more) Why is there such a difference , and are the dearer ones so much better ?
  18. Av Gorritt

    blue tooth hands free

    looking for recommendations for a good quality robust blue tooth hands free phone receiver to clip on a sun visor . best type ? Jabra , Parrot ? or other ?Preferably with a decent volume as I'm a leetle bit deaf:confused::confused:
  19. Av Gorritt

    Massey 5712 SL Dyna 4 . 5 years old

    Are the quick release female Hydraulic fittings on the rear end spool valves Metric or imperial size ? 1/2 " BSP , or what ?
  20. Av Gorritt

    Not another problem !

    Yes , another . Samsung S9 Galaxy , recently changed from "Three" to "Giffgaff" . Not quite as good a coverage perhaps as Three , but the problem that has arisen is , When I get a call , the two buttons , one green and one red - accept or decline show OK but it will not accept the call , no...